​Question 1 (Kathy W) – What was your opinion or thoughts about the tapes when Clay started listening?  Before you even heard what was on the tapes, what did you think about them? 

Question 2 (Jessica M) – Who do you think is responsible for Hannah’s death? 

Question 3 (Madison N) – Who’s your least favorite character and you most favorite character?

Question 4 (Errin B) – What difference between the series and book bothered you most? 

Question 5 (Janette P) – How did you feel about how this book was written?  Jumping back and forth between point of views between Hannah and Clay? 

Question 6 (Jessica M) – Why do you think Hannah chooses to record her conversation with Mr. Porter rather than comment on their interaction afterwards like she had done with the twelve previous tapes? 

Question 7 (Jayce C) – Why was everyone so cruel to Hannah?  What did she do to deserve the way she was treated? 

Question 8 (Laurie S) – Why do you think Hannah decided to record tapes and distribute them?  The only people that would know the truth would be those who she felt attributed to why she committed suicide. Did she think it would change them into better people, or was she just trying to make them understand what they did? 

Question 9 (Christina M) – What happens to the individuals on the tapes if the tapes get out and made public?  Did she think how it would affect them?  Did she care? 

Question 10 (Jessica M) – As a parent, this book really hit hard.  I couldn’t help but look at my kids and wonder what I would do if I was in this situation.  I understand Hannah’s parents dealing with their shop, but how could they have missed all the signs?  And if you were Clay’s mom, would you have let him go out all night without giving any explanation?  Do you the parents in the book could have done things differently? 

Question 11 (Britt B) – If you were Tony, would you release the second set of tapes if people didn’t follow the instructions?  Would you release them even if the people on Hannah’s list did follow her instructions?  Why or why not? 

Question 12 (Cindi S) – Consider the title of the novel.  Are each of Hannah’s thirteen reasons of equal importance?  Which do you find to be the most unexpected? 

Question 13 (Janet A) – Did this book make anyone else angry? Angry for the way Hannah was treated and angry for Hannan NOT getting help that she deserved? 

Question 14 (Kathy W) – So Justin is the first person talked about on the tapes.  He was the first kiss and the one who started the rumor about Hannah.  He was also the one who let Bryce into the room with Jessica.  Do you think that it all started with him and the rumor or do you put more of the start of the snowball effect on the list Alex made?

Question 15 (Cindi S) – Why do you think Hannah chose to include the map with the tapes?  What was the purpose? 

Question 16 (Kathy W) – At the end of the book, Clay approaches Skye.  Why do you think he did this? 

Question 17 (Kathy W) – So one of the main topics of this book is bullying.  Whether it be physical or mental and emotional bullying.  When you were in school do you remember bullying?  What type of bullying?  Do you think bullying has gotten worse?

Question 18 (Kathy W) – TV Series – Holy cow!  I know that we did a question about the differences already.  This one is about the story line of the series.  Did you like how it was different than the book?  Where Clay listening happened over many days instead of one evening? 

Question 19 (Cindi S) – Where were everyone’s parents in this book?  Why did Hannah not feel comfortable talking to her parents?  Why didn’t they see the signs?  And Clay’s parents?  It sounds like they were very trusting . . . thoughts on both?  And all of the adults? 

Question 20 (Cindi S) – What kind of impact did this story have on you?  What will you take away from it?  What did you learn? 

Question 21 (Cindi S) – What did you like?  What did you hate?  Overall rating?

Question 22 (Britt B) – Will you have your children read this book or watch the series when old enough and debate it with them?  Why?  Why not? 

Question 23 (Britt B) – Am I the only one who swished she hadn’t committed suicide and it was all to teach everyone a lesson?  There was no funeral.  I hoped until the bitter end.  I SO wanted the romance telling Clay and Hannah’s story!

Question 24 (Mary J) – Do you think in today’s society the word bullying is used instead of being called bad behavior?  Why or why not? 

Question 25 (Mary J) Do you think we as adults teach bullying and/or bad behavior through media, gossip and lack of respect we justify? 

Question 26 (Janet A) – Why do you think there was no funeral?

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher  #discuss13reasons