180 Seconds

by Jessica Park


Q1: Do you know someone on social media like Esban? Do you comment and appreciate their effort of trying to spread positivity?  Damira P

Q2: If you were Allison would you have been able to respect Steffi's wishes about not calling or going to be with her when she was dying? Do you think it was fair of Steffi to make those requests?  Janette P

Q3: How did you feel about Allison not opening the packages that Simon sent? Damira P

Q4. Do you think it is possible to have a connection with someone like Esben and Allison’s after 180 seconds?  Cindi S

Q5: "Most people are good." Bloggers (and admins of groups) have a responsibility to set the tone and delete unacceptable behavior. What becomes the louder voice - the positive or negative? Are we creating a better place on the internet be censoring out the negative? Ebsen behaves differently once he is exposed to the negative comments on his site. His faith was later restored, but do you think he still believed that "Most people are good? Adele H

Q6: Have you tried a 180 seconds activity with your loved ones or a friend or stranger? Would you do it with a stranger on the street if you were asked? Damira  P

Q7. What are your thoughts about Allison and her growth, development and setbacks throughout the story?  Cindi S

Q8. Did anyone not see the Steffi cancer thing coming or were they truly surprised? Sue S

Q9. Would you have acted the same way Allison did when she found out Esben knew Steff was dying? Pam N


Q9: I like how during Allison accepting people in her life she doesn't just rely on one boy. She stretches her circle by being brave and seeking out Carmen and strengthening her relationship with Simon. Has one relationship ever improved other areas of your life? Adele H


Q10: Let's talk about Simon. What do you think of him?  Janette P

Q11: Steffi's death throws Allison back to square one. Should this relationship have been the main focus of the novel? Was this storyline more important than Allison and Ebsen? Adele H

Q12: Why did Steffi lie about her foster parents not wanting her? It seems that she wanted love most of all, but constantly pushed away the people that would love her the most.  Janette P

Q13: Would you be able to forgive your boyfriend for lying to you like Esben did by keeping Steffi's secret? Britt B

Q14: How do you feel about Esben's many positive actions being because he feels guilty about not being able to prevent his sister's rape? Or do you not see it as that? Britt B

Q15: When the kid in the bakery posted about losing his prom date and they looked up his profile they were able to read all about his day while he is sitting right in the same room. It's crazy that people can know a narration of your life and watch you from afar like a TV show. How much of your daily life and routine do you share online for strangers/approved friends of friends to access/watch from afar? Adele H

Q16: Ebsen talks about people that would love to be featured on his site gushing about a best friend that they have only known for a few months. Does the length of the friendship actually affect the sincerity of what they mean to you at the time? Was Steffi's friendship more important to Allison than Ebsen's just because of the length of time that they had known each other? Adele H

Q17: Random conversations with strangers - do you do this? Why or why not? If you do, did you learn it from your parents or partner? Adele H

Q18: Everyone has a hidden story. Do you believe that? If someone is nasty or snaps they may be dealing with their own issues? Or is it personality? Adele H

Q19: Allison wants to buy Ebsen a drink on their first date and he lets her. It was nice to see a girl on a date (in a book) have an equal footing without busting out the over powering alpha male. Do you think you can still be an alpha hero and let the girl have even footing? Adele H

Q20: Instalove. Do you believe in it? Why or why not? Adele H

Q21. What scene moved you the most?  Cindi S

Q22. Overall rating? What did you love? What did you hate?  Cindi S

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Tiffany Black-Wilson ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
This book made me ugly cry...(which I loved). But they were tears of happiness as well as heartbreak. This is a delightful novel about love.... sibling love, friendship love, parental love, humanity love, and first love.

Nancy Weikle Overall I appreciated the premise of the story, the friendship between Steffi and Allison, and the growth of the characters. I didn't care for some of the over the top drama like leaving Esban in California, his reaction to negativity on his blog and I'm not sure it added anything to the story. I would give it a 3.5-4 stars.