A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sara Maas

  1. We'll start off easy for the first question. Who are your favorite characters and why? – J Cruz

  2. On the flip side, who are your least favorite characters aka the characters you downright hate, and why? – J Cruz

  3. Who thinks Nesta and Cassian mated? Do you think they're both just ignoring it? Or that they're scared of it? – J Cruz

  4. Were we blinded by Tamlin in ACOTAR?  Did we not see what issues he had until they became abundantly clear in ACOMAF? – J Cruz

  5. Elain and Lucien or Elain and Azriel? – S Gutierrez

  6. Why do you think Nesta allowed Cassian to kiss her neck? – J Cruz

  7. Did anyone put together that Tamlin is the Gaston of the Story? – J Cruz

  8. Who picked up on the fact that when Feyre had that arrow pointed at the wolf there was a shadow lurking behind her? Think it was Rhys? – J Cruz

  9. Who guessed the answer to Amarantha’s riddle before Feyre did? – J Cruz

  10. How did you feel about Rhysand's deal with Mor's father being allowed to visit Velaris? – A Gallant

  11. Did anyone pick up on the fact that Feyre used almost the exact same line when she asked Tamlin to save Rhys's life as he did when he asked Amarantha to spare Feyre's? – J Cruz

  12. Helion and Lucien?  Who knew?  Who suspected?  Or was it a complete loop? – J Cruz

  13. Anyone else think that Tamlin basically turned into Amarantha? – J Cruz

  14. What were your thoughts on how Feyre played the spring court? Was it a good choice? Bad? Should she have done something differently? – Haley Kitzman

  15. Who is your favorite High Lord and why? – S Gutierrez

  16. I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on Jurion. Did anyone figure it out that he was on the right side? – J McKay

  17. What did you think of Mor’s secret? – J Cruz

  18. Do you ever think that Azriel loves Mor romantically as outwardly as he does to protect her? That maybe he knows but plays to be in love with her as a shield? – J Cruz

  19. Why didn't anyone stand up to Tamlin when Feyre was dying? Why did they all just stand aside and not do anything? – J Cruz

  20. How did you feel when the Suriel revealed the Rhys and Feyre’s mate? – S Gutierrez

  21. What did everyone think of the Bone Carver showing up as their future child? – J Cruz

  22. What are your thoughts/feelings about Bryaxis? – S Gutierrez

  23. What were your thoughts on Rhys sending Feyre to The Weaver? – J Cruz

  24. What was your reaction when you found out Rhys' mom made all of Feyre's gorgeous dresses? – J Cruz

  25. Nesta: Abusive or protective?  S Gutierrez

  26. Why do you think glamours didn't work on Nesta? Do you think she had some sort of ability before she went into the bathtub, I mean, cauldron? – E Farmer

  27. Did anyone notice on the cover of ACOWAR that Feyre's tattoo was on the other hand before you knew the reason? J Cruz

  28. Give me your best gifs for when you found out Feyre gave lanthe to The Weaver – J Cruz

  29. If the Suriel wouldn't have said anything, would you have thought Feyre and Rhys were mates? – J Cruz

  30. Anyone think The King of Hybern died a little too easily? – J Cruz

  31. Thoughts on Tamlin trapping Feyre in the house?  Surprised?  Not surprised? – J Cruz

  32. VWhich court do you want to read more about? Like if there was a spin-off, what court would it be set in? – H Kitzman

  33. Amren and Varian!!  Thoughts? - JCruz

  34. Feyre’s dad:  redeemed or still to blame? – J Cruz

  35. Who is your OTP of the series? – E Farmer

  36. Anyone think Tamlin and Amarantha possibly mated? – J Cruz

  37. Do you think Tamlin would've ever taught Feyre to read? Or if he even knew that she didn't know how to read? – J Cruz

  38. You ever think Feyre and Lucien will ever be close friends again? – J Cruz

  39. Do you think the Spring Court will ever return to Tamlin or do you think Feyre destroyed it for good? – S Gutierrez

  40. Why do you think Feyre’s mother chose her to vow to take care of the family? – S Gutierrez

  41. Ok, here are my question: How do you all feel about Rhys going from a morally gray character in ACOTAR to the greatest thing since sliced bread in ACOMAF? I was honestly very disappointed in the author for kind of shoving him down everyone's throats, I do not like author manipulation when it comes to characters or love triangles. I am in no way shape or form saying Feyre should have ended up with Tamlin, cause, um, no, but I did not really like how Rhys went from this intricate morally gray character to this teddy bear who does no wrong. – J Willard

  42. What were your favorite scenes? – J Cruz

  43. Did it bother anyone else that everyone was paired up so nicely or ended up with someone through the series? I was really hoping that Amren would have remained alone. Or, and I am sorry to say this, that NO ONE DIED IN ACOWAR?? Like really died, and I don't mean the obscure father figure or the King of Hybren. I know it sounds bad to want something like that, but shouldn't people die in war? It is,,,,war? – J Willarad

  44. What were your least favorite scenes? – J Cruz

  45. Is it a good or bad idea for Nesta to go train with the Illyrians? – J Cruz

  46. What do you think Cassian got Nesta for Solstice? – J Cruz

  47. What do you think this could be?  And what could it mean for future books?  “But Mor scented nothing, saw nothing.  The tendril of powder she speared towards the woods revealed only the usual birds and small beasts.  A hart drinking from a hole in the iced-over stream.  Nothing, except- There, between a snarl of thorns.  A patch of darkness…” “But she still watched that darkness in the thorns, as if a shadow had fallen asleep amongst them.”  “Something different.  Something that stared back, watching her in turn” – J Cruz

  48. Any thought on Feysand officially trying to start expanding their family? – J Cruz

  49. Who’s your favorite member of the Inner Circle? – S Gutierrez

  50. Nesta: Love her or hate her? – S Gurierrez

  51. Does anyone remember when Feyre was having those terrifying and oddly sexual dreams about Amarantha in ACOMAF? Like she’d dream she was under Amarantha and everything and they were pretty horrifying? What if it was Rhys’s subconscious pushing those memories on her? What if they weren’t dreams at all…they were her mate’s memories? – J Cruz

  52. Did anyone else see similarities between this and Hunger Games? Like when Rhys or Feyre would have nightmares and they would reassure each other with what was real and not real. – J McKay

  53. What do you think Nesta was going to tell Feyre when Feyre asked her why she pushes everyone away but Elain? – J Cruz