A Love Letter to Whiskey by  Kandi Steiner

  1. As you started reading and realized the story began while the characters were still in high school, did you find the cover/title deceiving at all? ~Cindi S.

  2. What did you think about B and Jamie’s friendship while he was dating Jenna? ~Kathy W.

  3. There were many times in this book that you just wanted to scream at the characters. What was/were those moments for you? ~Kristi R.

  4. If you could write one more chapter after the ending, what would you write? ~Lori C.

  5. What did you think about B’s mom and dad? What do you think the author had in mind? ~Pam N.

  6. What did you think about the beach scene, when they were college abs she was dating Ethan? ~Kathy W.

  7. We all know the sex in front of the window was freaking hot…where’s the hottest place you’ve had sex? ~Nicole K.

  8. What about the way B handled her relationship with her dad? ~Mindy I.

  9. I always love seeing quotes/highlights/favorite scenes from readers. What were some of your while reading ALLTW? ~Kandi S.

  10. When Jamie was supposed to call B after the whole wedding disaster, and he didn’t, did anyone else assume the bride-to-be was pregnant? ~Rebecca L.

  11. Were you surprised by how often they were on and off again and over the span of life.~Mindy I.

  12. In the discussion with the author, she used the adjectives painful, raw and real to describe ALLTW. What three words would you use to describe it? ~Lori C.

  13. Do you feel like there is a force of nature that brings people together and/or keeps them apart? ~Stacy D.

  14. What were your thoughts on the wedding? Could you agree to be the “best lady”? ~Mindy I.

  15. If you were B, would you’ve waited longer than two years? Try a little harder to find out what was going on? Or move on like she did? ~Mindy I.

  16. I really felt a connection to this story because I had a Whiskey-type of relationship for about 12 years. Who has had (or still has) a Whiskey? What is his/her name? ~Tiffany W.

  17. What did you love about this book? What did you hate? Overall rating? ~Cindi S.

  18. What would everyone’s dream cast be for this book? ~Kasey M.


"I loved the struggle.
This book wasn't all sunshine and roses. It showed that life isn't always easy.
I gave it 5 stars!!" 

"I really liked it!! I loved all the Whiskey facts throughout the book.
I didn't hate anything, but my frustration levels were pretty out of control at times. It was between a 4 and 5 star for me. I would definitely recommend it to others!"