A Man Called Ove
by Fredrick Backman

1.  What was your first impression of Ove?  When and what made it change – if it changed?  Britt B

2.  Who was your favorite character and why?  Britt B

3.  What are your thoughts on the cat and its role in the story?  Britt B

5.  As we read through the story, we get to know Ove slowly as his last is revealed piece by piece.  What surprised you most about Ove’s past?  Lori H C

6.  Ove seemed so inflexible throughout the book.  Why do you think he was so inflexible?  Do you think he ever changed?  Lori H C.

7.  During the story we learn that Ove and Sonja love an unborn child.  What kind of father do you think Ove would have made?  Lori H C

8.  Why do you feel Ove and Soja fit so well together?  Tia D

9.  One of my favorite passages was discussing Ove and Sonja. “He was a man of black and white and she was color, all the color he had.” Yet when Nasanin drew him she drew everyone else in black and white and Ove in a rainbow of color. Parvenah said she always drew Ove that way. What do you think Backman was trying to say?  Lori H C

10.  Saab, Renault, Volvo, Skoda or BMW?  Tia D

11.  Did you find it ironic that Sonja was the complete opposite of Ove and such a positive influence in his life but ended up with a few unfortunate and tragic events taking place to her personally?  Tia D

12.  Although, the book was an easy read, at times, I’d come across passages that seemed simple, yet beautifully profound. The author masterfully used such simple and basic words to express deeper meanings. Are there any passages or quotes that especially stood out to you as beautiful or particularly significant?  Tia D

13.  Upon first seeing the title of this book, how did you pronounce Ove?  Tia D

14.  Let’s talk about Parvaneh. Somehow she was the one that was able to breakthrough Ove. What do you think drove her to Ove and vice versa?  Lori H C

15.  Ove was absolutely sure about what was right and wrong.  Was this a strength or a weaknesses?  Lori H C

16.  Why do you think Ove’s three worst words are “batteries not included”?  Lori H C

18.  I read somewhere that Fredrik Backman calls this book a fable.  If that is true, what would the moral of this book be for you?  Lori H C

19.  What did you think of the whole gang joining Ove at Sonja’s grave?  Was it a one time event or did that become part of the norm?  Annie C R

20.  There are so many laugh out loud moments in this book. When did you laugh? I laughed so loud on the bus that the driver asked me what was so funny. I then described Ove and the scene when the kid said: “Ove hit the clown!” That was what got me laughing out loud on a public bus. That scene was amazing imo.  Britt B

22.  Let’s talk about Ove’s relationship with Rune.  What are your thoughts on the way it went back and forth through the years – and why Ove did what he did when the men in white shirts came to move Rune from Anita?  Britt B

24.  Overall impressions.  What did you love?  What did you hate?  Cindi S


Carol Purga A memorable and treasured read 

Britt Bøgesvang Basse I love this book, its characters and all the things we can learn or be reminded of from reading it. <3 It will always have a special place in my heart. What I hated+ The looooong chapter about the cars was third tima around way too long. :D