Athiests Who Kneel and Pray by Tarryn Fisher


Q1:  What was your first impression of Yara?  Did you initially like her?  Ashley R

Q2:  What was your first impression of David?  Did you like him as a male lead?  Ashley R

Q3:  Could you ever be someone’s muse like Yara?  Or travel around until you got restless?  Ashley R

Q4: This is toward the end of the book, so I’m sorry for those of you who haven’t made it there yet. But I find it hard to believe that Ferdinand wouldn’t have known that David and Petra broke up... so why do you think he sent Yara to the boathouse?   OIivia D

Q5:  How did you feel about Yara and her reaction to Petra and how everything progressed?  Ashley R

Q6: let’s talk about Petra (aka whore pie).  What did you think of her?  Did you expect her to take Yaras leftovers so quickly?  Why do you think she was so quick to be a replacement when she was obviously beautiful and she could have found someone who really loved her?  Rochelle K

Q7: What did y'all think of Yara telling the whole world she was David's wife? Was it a good big gesture? Or was it just her pettiness and jealousy talking?   Jayce C

Q8: Yara had been hurt so many times, that she had a hard time showing any kind of affection towards David. Do you think David brought the good out of her or made her a harder person?  Dee M

Q9. In my opinion, Yara has a tendency to look for flaws in people, what is a flaw in a partner that is an absolute no can do for you?   Cindi S

Q10 - I want to discuss David...I loved him, but why propose to Petra? Did he ever have a plan in marrying her? I opened IOU in multiple locations telling Yara to come to him. As much as I didn’t like Petra, was this really fair? Or is it voided because of how Petra essentially went after David...turn about is fair play...  Nicole K

Q11 - Why do you think David lied by omission about Petra? Did he want a “friend” or do you think he liked the extra attention?  Nicole K

Q12 - Why didn’t David tell Yara about her mother?   Nicole K

Q13. What was your favorite scene? Cindi S

Q14. Before we reached Part 2 and David’s POV, what did you think had happened between David and Yara based on what you knew from Part 1?  Cindi S

Q15. What shocked you the most? If anything?  Cindi S

Q16:  What rating would you give the book?  Was it your first Tarryn Fisher book?  Rochelle K