Ayesha at Last 


1.    When we first meet Ayesha she says “part of both worlds, yet part of neither.” Did you feel like this change at all throughout the book? Also... Do you think this has another meaning? She feels like she’s the outsider in her family? – A Murphy
2.    If you’ve read Pride & Prejudice, do you think this stayed somewhat true to the original storyline? – A Murphy
3.    How did you feel about Sheila’s reaction to meeting Khalid (mainly him not shaking her hand)? – A Murphy
4.    Before reading this what was your take on arranged marriages? Did it changed at all after reading? – A Ruiz
5.    Do you think Ayesha waited too long to come clean about her identity to Khalid? – A Ruiz
6.    Do you think Ayesha's grandmother should have told her the truth of Khalid's engagement? How did you feel about her decision to lie? – P Ikeme
7.    Did you like how it was written? (There wasn’t a big information dump at the beginning of the book. We learn things as we go along.) – A Murphy
8.    Would you arrange a marriage for your child? – P Ikeme
9.    How did you feel about the HR issue at Clara and Khalids work? – A Ruiz
10.    I personally felt that there were a lot of profound things said throughout the book. Do you have a favorite quote? – A Murphy
11.    Do you think Hafsa was just a young and naive girl or do you think she was deliberately being a bitch and trying to hurt Ayesha when she said things like “I don’t want to leave it too late and end up like you. You’re almost thirty and nobody wants you.”?  - A Murphy
12.    Did you consider Khalid's proposal rude? What did you think of his explanation in his letter? – P Ikeme
13.    This one is more for fun and out of curiosity... because as a single woman who is inching towards 30, I find arranged marriages interesting (I always have, honestly). And I wonder what my life would be like now if I were in a culture with arranged marriages... or what it would be like to just hand over the reigns of my love life to mother now. What would your life look like? – A Murphy
14.    Did anyone else have trouble keeping up with all the names? – P Ikeme
15.    What age did you get married? Did you think Hasfa was too young to entertain the idea of marriage? What about Ayesha and her delay of wanting to get married? - A Ruiz
16.    Do you think Ayesha’s view on true love and arranged marriage was skewed due to her mother’s unresolved feelings towards her husband’s death? – A Murphy
17.    What do you think was the real turning point for Khalid’s thoughts on arranged marriages? – A Murphy
18.    What was your overall rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle



Simone Teixeira Furtado 3 Stars. I really liked Ayesha & Khalid and enjoyed their story but I found myself completely annoyed that everyone allowed Hafsa to get away with everything she did. I was very upset that it ended with Hafsa’s wedding. Ayesha and Khalid’s story ended a little too quickly.. It would have been nice to have an Epilogue.

Ashley Daniele 4.5 stars ⭐️ I really enjoyed the fun and quirky drama. The story was well written and kept me wanting to read more.