Beautiful Disaster
by Jamie McGuire
  1. Love this book , love Travis
    I was a little torn by Travis fighting in the club. I love an alpha but did you ever feel he was too over the top with the jealousy? – J Gaeta

  2. What did you think about Abby dressing down thinking being unattractive to Travis would instantly turn him off? It did backfire on her.  My opinion: Guys love the dressed down, no makeup look. It's what makes us hot Mama's. – D Moses

  3. How did you feel about the difference of the birthday gifts? – A Ruiz

  4. Abby said, "Travis has tattoos, that seems more criminal and less justice.
    This bothered me, I have tats, all my grown children have tats, none of us are criminal or into drugs.
    Your opinion please. – D Moses

  5. What about the bet? Would you have honored it after Travis brought the two girls home?  -  A Ruiz

  6. What do you think of Travis Maddox? So yeah, he’s hot and protective and alpha....but do you find qualities in him that you don’t feel are all that “good”? – N King

  7. As kind of a follow up to Q6...I love reading an alpha male, all things about it. But, in the real life, how would you feel about your daughter bringing home a “Travis Maddox”? – N King

  8. How did Abby’s relationship with her father affect how she dealt with Travis? – J Peggs

  9. Who was the beautiful disaster?  Travis or Abby? – J Peggs

  10. What was it that Travis saw in Abby that made him want to change his womanizing ways? – C Settle

  11. I remember travis saying something like he got good at fighting cause his dad and brothers used to hit him. But his brothers grew up, and his father sobered up, so it was all good now.  How did you feel about his brothers and father?
    In the scenes we met them, I didn't dislike them, like I wanted to. And after reading the series I fell in love with all the brother too, but due to this first comment, I didnt even want to keep reading about the brothers.
    Did anyone else feel this way? – A Halpin

  12. Abby seemed to have a real issue with Vegas and betting.. not wanting to be like her father. Yet she made a lot of money betting on Travis’ fights. That’s still gambling. Do you think that was hypercritical of her? What are your thoughts on it? – J Machuga

  13. Do you think because of their age, it makes Travis and Abby’s love story more believable? – N King

  14. Once you learned who Abby was and her reason for being resistant to Travis’ advances, did you agree with her reasoning or did you think it was not a good reason at all? – C Settle

  15. Let’s talk about Parker. Did you love him? Hate him? Were you rooting for him at any point? – C Settle

  16. This is my first Jamie McQuire book and I went in 110% blind. I only knew one of the main characters was named Travis. I didn’t know Maddox was him too. LOL. I knew of nothing. And I instantly fell in love with the way the dialogues are written! That is my favorite part about this book. What is your favorite part? One of the characters? The topics? Share with us your favorites of this book, please. – B Basse

  17. Did you have a scene that just broke you? – C Settle

  18. When reading all of the “Beautiful” books I imagined Travis as Channing Tatum. Who do you see playing these characters? – J Peggs

  19. What did you think of the nickname pigeon? – A Halpin

  20. What did everyone think of Megan? I felt sorry for her when Travis danced with her at The Red and then ditched her for Abby. And then again on the stairs outside his apartment after her brought her home with him. I think she really like him in her own weird kinda way? – K Crompton

  21. Who was your favorite character? Who was your least favorite character? Why? – C Settle

  22. What did you love about this book? What did you hate? Overall rating? – C Settle

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Cynthia Kip Williams I gave it 4 because the relationship was far from healthy even though I enjoyed reading it and it got me out of a reading slump me. 

Olivia Rey I give it 4 ⭐ because I was so sucked into the story but there were some annoying parts. I wanted Abby to tell Travis, "If you can't respect me, then I'm out. I won't keep accepting your apology if you continue to mess up the same way over and over."