Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland

  1. What was your first impression of Caine? Cindi S

  2. What was your first impression of Rachel? Pam N

  3.  What do you think of the book’s title? How does it relate to the book’s contents? What other title might you choose? Lori C

  4. The meeting in the bar and how it went down - fate or coincidence? Do you believe in fate or coincidence more? Nicole K

  5. What’s your opinion in Caine pretending to be a priest and not reporting to the authorities earlier? What would you have done differently? Praise I

  6. What songs does this book make you think of?Why? Lori C

  7. When did you know the little girl was Rachel? Britt B

  8. Do you think it was appropriate for Caine to interact the way he did when Rachel first brought up the band? Brittney Z

  9. This is my first book by this author.What other books by this author have you read?How did they compare to this book? Lori C

  10. Thoughts on Davis?He was made out to be a “good guy” – what are your thoughts on the way he was with Rachel? Nicole K

  11. Thoughts on the character Charlie?O’Leary’s’? Britt B

  12. Who would\should play Caine West, if there was a movie? Miracle P

  13. What do you think about Rachel dressing a certain way or sitting in a certain place to get a rise out of Caine?What does it say about Rachel? Amanda W

  14. What would you have done seeing Caine sitting next to Davis? Brittney Z

  15. What is your favorite scene in the story? Britt B

  16. How do you feel about Rachel's tattoo and her reason for getting it? Nicole K

  17. What are your thoughts on music therapy and Umberto's reaction to music? Do think there is some validity in the music soliciting memories in people suffering memory loss? Cindi S

  18. When Caine realized who Rachel was, should he have told Rachel? Asked her about it for confirmation? How do you think he should have handled that realization? Cindi S

  19. What is your favorite quote from the book? Kathy W

  20. What did you love about Beautiful Mistake? What did you hate? Overall rating? Cindi S