Beautifully Broken Pieces
by Catherine Cowley
broken pieces.jpg

Q1. What was your first impression of Walker? Did you love him? Did you hate him?  Cindi Settle


Q2. What was your first impression of Taylor? Love her? Hate her? Cindi Settle


Q3: Who was your favorite secondary character? I personally loved Irma with her "psychic" abilities and Liam for putting Taylor in her place when she needed a reality check. Mette


Q4. If Jensen had not told Taylor about Julie, how long do you think it would've taken Walker to tell her? submitted by Allyson Murphy


Q5. So at what point did you realize there was a serial killer/mystery to solve and who do you think had done it? submitted by Sue Sobolak


Q6. I find it interesting that Taylor keeps going back to the beep, beep, beep of the machine but wants to live in Sutter Lake where it’s so quiet. Also there is no anonymity in a small town, yet she wants to be invisible, which would be much easier in L.A. why do you think she finds peace in the complete opposite situation of what she thinks she needs? submitted by Michelle Myers


Q7. Could you move some place where you knew no-one and had no job waiting for you? submitted by Chrissy Busick


Q8. I was shocked Caitlin thought after three months of dating, that her and Walker would be getting married. I laughed when Caitlin told Walker "you will come crawling back to me" and his response was, "God, I hope not". My question, have you ever had a bf/gf or friend that was moving things way too fast? I haven't and don't know anyone that has. submitted by Dee Moses 

Q9. When Tuck found Taylor laying in the bushes after being shot at, did you think the shooter could have been Tuck? submitted by Misty Donohue

Q 10. For a very brief moment, I almost thought that there may have been two unsubs: one who killed random hikers in the woods and one who kidnapped people. Did anyone else have this thought? (Or do I just watch Criminal Minds too much?) submitted by Allyson Murphy

Q11. I've lost a parent and to put it mildly, it totally sucks, that being said, they say you shouldn't make drastic major decisions....was Taylor 'right' to move so far away? submitted by Sue Sobolak

Q12. How awesome was that inner circle of trust of the 4 friends? submitted by Gail Stump

Q13. Do you think Taylor would have taken Walkers warnings about running alone more seriously if he would have told her about the other missing girls? I think he came off as super over protective but could have made her understand if he was more up front with her about the situation. submitted by Michelle Myers

Q14. Throughout the story when Taylor gets nervous she twists a ring she wears. Did that ring have any emotional sentiment that I missed? Do you have any nervous tells like that? submitted by Chrissy Busick

Q15. What did you think of the mystery/suspense aspect of this book? Were you surprised that this book included a mystery? And were you surprised with who ended up being guilty? submitted by Jennifer Kalman

Q16. If you were Taylor's best friends would you have let her move to a place where she didn't know anyone or anything? Why? submitted by Misty Donahue

Q17. Did you have a favorite character: who was it and why? submitted by Allyson Murphy

Q18. How about Carter's grandma? Irma? submitted by Sue Sobolak

Q19. Was there anything that happened in this book that shocked you? submitted by Jennifer Kalman

Q20. If you were in Taylor’s shoes, would you have pushed the Cole family away like she did or would you have clung to them almost searching for what you’d lost? submitted by Allyson Murphy

Q21. Do you think Taylor would have opened up to Walker as much if it wasn’t for his family? I think between Jensen, Noah, and Sarah Taylor was done for. They were so loving and pulled her into their family and that helped her realize Walker was the perfect man for her. submitted by Michelle Myers 

Q22. What was your overall rating? How many stars? What did you love? What did you hate? Cindi Settle


Jennifer Kalman I gave it ⭐⭐⭐⭐. I am really picky and rarely give books 5 stars. I liked the supporting characters. I liked that there was a mystery. I liked that loss played such a big role in the story. Overall it was enjoyable. I didn't hate anything. But I thought that Taylor was too stubborn and Walker was too overbearing. Also i wish that there had been a lot more options for the guilty party. Also I found the book too sexy. I love romance. But I guess I am just pickier about how graphic I want these scenes to be.

Amanda Barritt 3.5 for me. I liked the added suspense and it was well written, but as someone who overindulges in crime drama/romance/tv shows/movies, it felt a tad predictable to me