Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris #discussbcd

  1. Did you find the characters believable? – Janette P

  2. What about Grace do you think you could have done anything different? – Pam N

  3. Did you find it odd how Jack was apparently nice to her when it came to supplying her with things in the beginning? Such as access to the tea pot, her wardrobe, a nicer bedroom and so forth? Why was he trying to make her feel comfortable when he was so crazy? – Laurie S

  4. If you were friends with Jack and Grace, would you think something suspicious was going on with them? – Nicole K

  5. Millie was pretty smart people underestimated her. It was her idea to kill Jack with the pills but what do you think about the way that Grace did it and pulled it off? – Pam N

  6. Discussing the mystery aspect of the plot line, how effective was the author's use of plot twists and riddles? Were you able to predict certain things before they happened, or did the author keep you guessing until the end of the story? – Lori C

  7. For me, I love psychological thrillers because they put me into the unstable mind and emotional state of the characters. What was that moment in this story that you were compelled to read one more chapter, that moment that perhaps will keep you up at night, not necessarily because you’re afraid of the dark after reading it, but because they leave your mind, and heart, racing. – Lori C

  8. Did you think Grace would ever escape? How did you imagine it happening? – Stacy L D

  9. Did anyone actually think Grace would be able to kill or eventually leave Jack? – Jayce C

  10. Do you think Grace falls in love with Jack before marrying him or just the idea of having a charming man who is accepting of her sister as well? – Lori C

  11. What do you predict will happen in the aftermath of this novel? Will Grace be cleared? – Lori C

  12. When Grace was locked on the balcony while they were on “vacation”, what do you think Jack was doing the whole time? – Crystal P

  13. The format of the book alternates between past and present. How does this add to the book? – Lori C

  14. Is the ending satisfying or were you hoping that Jack was found out publicly? – Lori C

  15. Thinking of Jack and his “evil”...what was the first part that stuck out in your mind that said “oh my god”...when you realized “this is bad”... – Nicole K

  16. If this was a movie, who would play the parts? – Pam N

  17. Did you feel that Grace’s parents cared more about themselves than their daughters? The fact that they just moved to another country like it was no big deal kinda made me mad. – Laurie S

  18. Overall rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – Cindi S