The Husband's Secret
by Liane Moriarty

1.   Why do you think Cecilia was afraid to open the letter? Moral reasons or she felt something bad was it it? Would you have opened right away? Meagan Beal

2.   What were your thoughts when you read the Prologue about Pandora?  Lori C

3.   How would you have handled your husband and best friend being in-love? I’m shocked at how well Tess handled the situation.  Michelle M

4.  What did you think was going to be in the letter? Lori C

5.  John Paul said he would have confessed if someone else was accused. I feel like Rachel made it clear to people she thought Conner was guilty. Do you think John Paul should have confessed to save Conner’s reputation even though he was never formally accused? Michelle M

6.  Once Cecilia read the letter, she was faced with quite a shocking dilemma. Do you agree with her decisions or is there something else she could have done? If it were you and your husband had such a terrible secret, do you think you would have acted the same way or different? Lori C

7.  Tess said of Will and Felicity, “they must have kissed. And that was worse than if they slept together.” Do you agree with this? What are your thoughts? Lori C

8.  Would you have been able to separate what John Paul did when he was 17 from the husband and father he was now? I don’t know if I would have been able to sleep in the same bed as my husband after he confessed to being a murderer. But i don’t think Cecilia saw the murderer, she only saw the gentle attentive husband. Michelle M

9.  How did you feel about John Paul's mom's insinuation that she knew he was guilty and would protect him at all costs? Chrissy B

10.  The Berlin Wall is mentioned repeatedly in relation to key events in all their lives. What do you think was the significance using the Berlin Wall as a focal point in the story lines? Lori C

11.  I had a hard time getting into the book with all the jumping around between families, but once the letter was read it all changed for me. Seeing how each one was connected made the story for me. Do you think waiting to make it all come full circle made the book better or harder for people to get into the story?  Michelle M

12.  Rachel was so hard on her daughter-in-law. Do you think they could have had a better relationship if Rob had gone with Rachel to the park sooner? Michelle M

13.  The book is called THE Husband's Secret. In Danish it is called MY Husband's Secret. It didn't occur to me before the 2nd read just now that there are two husbands having a secret. The reason why I bought and read the book back in 2014 was because MY now ex-husband had a big secret that changed our lives forever. He didn't kill anyone or was unfaithful or anything like that. But do you think a secret between married people/people in a serious relationship can ever be justified? Britt B

14.  Do you think Felicity and Will were actually in love or was it just a crush?  Lori C

15.  What did you think about Tess’s “relationship” with Connor Whitby? Do you excuse the way she acted during that week because of the uncertainty in her marriage? Lori C

16.  In the epilogue we learn a lot of things about the character's lives and secrets never told or learned. How did you like/dislike the epilogue? Britt B

17.  By the end of the novel, what do you know about the relationship between Tess and Felicity? Between Rachel, Lauren and Rob? Between Connor, John-Paul and Janie? Lori C

18.  Did anyone else notice that there was another thread running the story – The Biggest Loser. Do you think using that show with that title had any significance? Who if anyone was was the “Biggest Loser” here? Lori C

19.  I deal with social anxiety. What do you think about Tess’ revelation about having it? Do you think it will affect her future? Connie C

20.  For years Rachel wanted Connor Whitby accused, punished and put away for Janie’s death yet in the end when she learns the truth she doesn’t have John-Paul even arrested. Why do you think? Lori C

21.  There were alot of different characters who were very well developed. Which character did you find most relatable? Cindi S

22.  So who do you think is the father or Tess’s baby? And do you think her and Will’s relationship will stand the test of time? Lori C

23.  At the end, we realize that John-Paul did not kill Janie. What did you think of that? Lori C

24.  If you were to write and Epilouge for these characters knowing what we know now, what does their future look like? Cindi S

25.  Cecilia ended up telling Rachel that it was John-Paul that killed Janie. Do you think she would have told her if Rachel hadn’t admitted that she was trying to kill Connor? Lori C

26.  Rachel did not want Lauren and Rob to take her grandson away. She obviously adored him. What did you think of Rachel’s relationship with her own son? Lori C

27.  Why do you think Tess felt that the only way to save her marriage was to let Will and Felicity have an affair? Did you agree with this? Lori C

28.  What were your thoughts regarding Rachel and her intent to kill Conner? Cindi S

29.  What do you think it took for Rachel to finally get the closure to move on? Cindi S

30.  Which character did you love? Which character did you hate? Why?  Cindi S

31.  Overall impressions? Star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? Cindi S

32.  So I don't know if I'm dense and it just went completely over my head, but what "earth-shattering repercussions" did Tess feel from the secret? Not really a discussion question, but I'm not really remembering a direct connection (and I JUST finished reading it). Leslie R

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Genny Colby Over all a 3. I enjoyed the story. It had enough to keep my interest and characters interesting enough to keep me engaged and caring about happened to them. But, overall I felt that Tess’s story, while my favorite, didn’t really intersect with the main story line with Rachel and Cecelia. 
It was not her strongest book in my opinion. Enjoyable, but not my fave

Connie Clarkson Caudill A 3.5 stars. It kept be wanting to find out what was going to happen with everyone. But, it wasn’t a book I couldn’t put down. Just, a nice, easy read😊