The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak
  1.  Let's talk about the narrator. Why do you think he wrote Death as the narrator? Did you like this format? Adapted from 2013 Mount Prospect Public Library. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.  – A Kossen

  2. What is the Grave Diggers Handbook ? Is this really a book ? – G Stump

  3. Why were LIesel and her brother taken away from their mother? Do you think she was a Communist? – J Peggs

  4. Let’s talk about Rosa Hubermann. She was not immediately as likeable as Hans. But what did you like about her? – B Basse

  5. If the Mayor’s wife knew Liesel was stealing the books why didn’t she just gift to her? – G Stump

  6. et’s talk about Liesels friendship with Max Wandenburg and Rudi Steiner. How do they differ? What similarities do they share? – B Basse

  7. Let’s talk about Hans Hubermann. What kind of man was he? What did you like about him? – B Basse

  8. What is your favorite scene of the book? And which scene(s) stuck with you after finishing the book? – B Basse

  9. Can you steal happiness?’ Death asks at some point. What is your answer? – B Basse

  10. What do you think of Max’ book for Liesel? Rosa was supposed to give it to her when she was ready. Why did Max say that? Why didn't he give it to her himself before he left? – B Basse

  11. How did you feel about knowing early on that Rudi would die and later that Liesel would survive but lose everyone she loved? – B Basse

  12. If you should re-name this book, what would you call it? (Inspired by a question in Bright Summeries: The Book Thief) – B Basse

  13. Throughout the story there is constant foreshadowing and Death often lets readers know what an outcome may be or who may survive at the end. How did you feel about that? Did it ruin the story for you or heighten the anticipation and desire to know all the details? – L Connolly

  14. One of the themes in this book ways about the power of words. Writing this book, did Markus Zusak succeed in using the power of words himself? – B Basse

  15. Liesel steals some of the laundry money to buy stamps for a letter. What is something you have done as a child that wasn’t okay but you did it anyway? – B Bass

  16. I will admit that I am a “judge a book by its cover” kind of gal and I would have picked this book up to read because of this cover alone. What are your thoughts on the cover. Did you find it to be a good representation of the story? Why or why not? – L Connolly

  17. Let’s talk about Liesel. What are your thoughts on a child being the main character of a World War II novel? What is your favorite thing about Liesel? – B Basse

  18. Who was your favorite character - and most importantly - why? – B Basse

  19. The books Liesel gets or steals. What role do they play? What do they add to the story? – B Basse

  20. Do you think if Liesel told Rudy about Max he would have kept the secret? – L Connolly

  21. Do you think of Death as a he or she? – B Basse

  22. What was your overall rating for The Book Thief? Things you loved? Things you didn’t care for? – J Peggs

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Nikki Bruner Koon I give it 5 stars. I was immediately drawn into the book and the characters felt real to me. I like death as the narrator, it added a great level of depth. It was interesting to read so much of the book a step back from the war - with war around them, but rarely directly in their face. It was definitely there, but it wasn't front lines for the most part. I love the growth of so many of the characters and felt like they were multi-dimensional. I know some people had trouble with this book, but it's one of my recent favorite reads and I will read it again.

Nikole English 4.5 of 5 stars for me. At times the narration was a little difficult to follow which interrupted the flow of the book but I still enjoyed it immensely.