Discussion Questions
The Woman in Cabin 10  #discusscabin10

  1. What was your impression of Lo? Did your thoughts about Lo change as the story progressed? Did you find her to be relatable? Likeable? – Cindi S

  2. Was there any connection between Lo being burglarized and the events that happened on the cruise? If so, what did you feel the connections were?  - Cindi S

  3. Does anyone else feel this book was WAY over hyped? – Ashley B

  4. What did you think about Carrie?Her impersonation of the wife? – Janette P

  5. Did you feel that some scenes were lengthier than they should have been, i.e. the story was stretched at times? – Ayushi S

  6. Who did you think was the woman in Cabin 10 was and Why? Did that change for you throughout? – Cindi S

  7. How effective were the email messages in moving the story forward? Were they necessary? Did they add anything to the story for you?  - Cindi S

  8. What surprised you the most? – Cindi S

  9. So, who was your number 1 suspect? Who did you think had dumped the body from Cabin 10? – Cindi S

  10. Do you think Carrie thought in her heart that even after what she did to Lo, her relationship with Bullmer won’t last? – Aarushi S

  11. What did you think of Lo and Jodah’s relationship? – Cindi S

  12. Did you think the security guy or anyone else on the crew was aware of what was going on? – Lori C

  13. Did it the setting of the cruise ship make the story more thrilling? Did it make you feel claustrophobic at all? – Meagan B

  14. Why did you think Lo had a change of heart and decided to move to New York?Did that seem like a normal response? – Janette P

  15. Did you feel like Carrie was a victim, co-conspirator or primary conspirator in the crime on the Aurora? – Cindi S

  16. Were you happy with the ending? What would you have done differently?  - Cindi S

  17. Would you recommend the book to someone?Why or why not? – Kelsey A

  18. Overall rating?What did you love?What did you hate? -Cindi S


Slow read I think stretched out the story......story line was ok....3 stars

3.5 for me. I didn't like the characters very much, but I didn't have the plot figured out and was surprised. No regrets.

I liked the plot twist. The last half was definitely better. I actually was surprised by who committed the crimes. The discussion of the discovery of the bodies was interesting too. Gave it a 3.5.