Cold Queen

by K Webster

  1. Did you know or realize this was a retelling? Did you know what story? – N King

  2. Did you realize what Yanni was doing to her sister? – N King & P Nasby

  3. Did you like the loving Queen, looking out for her sister or the cruel Queen, better? – N King

  4. What is your favorite part or theme in the book? I love that the Cold Queen was finally strong and capable...and the King was good with it. – N King

  5. I saw a “tag” for BDSM while reading through reviews and blog - do you agree? – N King

  6. Who thought of Frozen while reading this book? – P Nasby

  7. Why did the staff not stand for up their Queen? – G Stump

  8. Did Elzira always have her ice powers? Or did they show up after her father died? – R Gatewood

  9. Why didn't Yanna have any ice powers like her sister?  - R Gatewood

  10. I wonder how Yanna was able to get everyone in the castle to turn against Elzira? – R Gatewod

  11. This was the first book I read from K. Webster and I really liked it. Which book from her should I read next? – R Gatewood

  12. How did you feel about Ryke? Did you trust him right away ?  - A Daniele

  13. How did you feel about “Green” did you think he deserved what happened to him? – A Daniele

  14. How did you feel about the epilogue? I’m a happy mother of one. I couldn’t imagine so many back to back pregnancies. – A Daniele

  15. Did you worry at all that her sister would try and seduce Ryke? – A Daniele

  16. If Cold Queen wa a movie, what would be the soundtrack?Or name other works of art (paintings, photographs and poems) that came to mind when reading the book!I randomly wrote a poem.You can tell I’m not a poet, but I felt inspired.

-A white Queen

A dark King

Her beast found something within

-Heart melted

Body singed

Her mind still felt unhinged

-Close to death by a Judas kiss

His fiery sword pierced her cold center

Releasing her from her tormentor

-A blue flame

A black crown

Are you ready for the meltdown?

BTW the fiery sword and cold center…pun intended.I had some thoughts when Ryke’s sword caught fire in battle. – S Somai

  1.  I haven’t read anything fantasy/unrealistic/etc in a VERY long time. But I ended up loving so many scenes with an un-natural aspect to it. What was your favorite scene?
    Mine was the bathtub-scene.  – B Basse

  2. If you could have ice power or fire power what would you choose? – A Daniele

  3. I was very creeped out by the war with the monsters. How did you feel that plot added to the story ? – A Daniele

  4. How did you feel about the Truth Seeker aspect of Ryke? – A Daniele

  5. If you found out your sister had betrayed you how would you handle it? – A Daniele

  6. I liked how the timeline got distorted a lil to show what happened between Elzira, Ryke and Yanna. Did you enjoy the way that played out? – A Daniele

  7. For those of you that purchased the Buddy Book Bag containing Cold Queen and all of its goodies, would you have read this book? Was it already on your TBR? Had you already read it? – C Settle

  8. Ok girls, let’s wrap it up! What was your overall star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle

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Jayce Nichole Cruz

4.5 , I loved it! I though it was unique. I wish some scenes weren’t as rushed but I was mostly happy with it. I’d love to see more of the world and kids though

Santoesha Somai

I gave it 3 I enjoyed the connection between Elzira & Ryke and the world building was also interesting! I just figured everything out too quickly I think. And I missed the mystery, sense of urgency and desperation that would fit this world sometimes. Guess I wanted more emotional angst It did get me out of a book slump and I loved talking about it on discussion day