A Five Minute Life
by Emma Scott
  1. What was your first impression of Thea prior to the accident? Did you see changes in her as the story progressed? If so, what did you see? – C Settle

  2. What were your initial thoughts about Jimmy and how do feel that his character grew and developed throughout the story? – C Settle

  3. Do you feel that it was relevant that Jimmy had a stutter? What did it add, if anything, to the story for you? – C Settle

  4. Let’s talk about Delia. Do you think that Delia had so many restrictions on Thea’s care because she was concerned about over stimulation and further brain damage or was there more to it? – C Settle

  5. Why do you think her sister was so reluctant to letting her draw? I think it was for selfish reasons she didn’t want to see her sister as the girl she used to know – M Myers

  6. Thea's five minute activity was drawing. What would be your five minute activity? – N Koon

  7. First impressions are a huge factor in this book as Thea experiences people over and over again. She seemed to always have the same reaction to Jim. On more than one occasion he thought that he could change who he is in her eyes; but he doesn’t . Why do you think that is ? – A Ruiz

  8. Why do you think Delia didn’t provide better care and facility for Thea if they had $2 million combined? Delia always complained about the sanitarium not being adequate enough and not up to her standards, however she didn’t do anything about moving her sister to a better place. They had plenty of money. What stopped her? – M Peterson

  9. What is our opinion of Delia? – L Dunlap

  10. Did you sympathize with Delia in any way? – M Christensen

  11. I don't remember his name but do you think the attach scene with Thea was necessary? – P Nasby

  12. Do you think Thea and Jim should have taken the trip to NY? – A Ruiz

  13. Jimmy was instantly drawn to Thea, and he was so in tune with what she needed even when her sister wasn’t. Do you think it was just an outsider seeing the situation or that instant connection that let him see inside Thea’s mind? – M Myers

  14. Was it ethical for Jim to get together with Thea while she was undergoing an experimental treatment related to her memory? Why or why not? – N Koon

  15. When Jim first saw Thea by the front door did you know she would be the patient? Or did you think she was a visitor? A Ruiz

  16. Reviewers compared this book to the movie 50 First Dates. In that movie the main character with amnesia was also an artist who loved to paint and listen to music. Do you think there is a correlation between art and music and the recovery of patients with amnesia? -M Salemi

  17. What did you think of “the first kiss” scene? Jimmy jumped over the fence when he saw Thea in the garden, they kisses passionately and Jules saw them and reported it. Do you think there was a better place or better timing this first kiss could have happened? – M Peterson

  18. When Thea started acting out,’what did you think caused the change in her behavior? – L Dunlap

  19. I loved the way Jimmy jumped the fence to be with Thea, probably my favorite part. What was your favorite part of the book? – M Myers

  20. Thea was put in a difficult position regarding her medication and its side effects. If you knew that taking a medication could/would cause a stroke but not taking it would eliminate your memory, which way would you lean? Would you risk your life to keep your memory, or risk your memory to save your life? – N Koon

  21. Thea and Jim and a real argument over her continuing the medicine. Whose side do you favor? – A Ruiz

  22. If you had a chance to go anywhere after getting your memory/life back. Where would you go or do? – A Ruiz

  23. How did you feel about Theas inappropriate jokes. At any point did it bother you? A Ruiz

  24. How did you feel about Thea’s treatment before Jimmy cane along? Do you think her sister and doctors did right by her by literally keeping her in the dark? – A Ruiz

  25. Did anyone else catch on early that she was aware more than the 5 minutes but had a delayed action? – G Stump

  26. Which book cover do you feel is the better representation of this book? Why? – C Settle

  27. Overall, what did you love?What did you hate?

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