Words on Bathroom Walls​
by Julia Walton
  1. Do you feel the author did a good job portraying the stigma with Schizophrenia? – N King

  2. Do you think any of Adam's hallucinations were actually "good" for him? – N King

  3. On LibrisNotes,it states, "While this is supposed to be a novel about a rare situation of a teenage boy with schizophrenia and all that entails, the author has gone out of her way to mock Catholics and the Catholic faith." Do you believe this to be true? – N King

  4. Do you feel Adam should have told Maya about his mental illness and the drug trials earlier in their relationship? – N King, M Myers

  5.  I highlighted "I wasn't going to argue with her, because it doesn't matter where I go. It's just a place to be." I found this so sad. Did any quotes or lines make you feel? – N King

  6. If Adam were your son, would you agree for him to part in a drug trial and start him on ToZaPrex? – N King

  7. StepParents are often portrayed as evil and unkind in many books. How did you feel about having a guy like Paul in Adam’s life helped him? – A Ruiz

  8. What was your favorite hallucination and why? – A Ruiz

  9. Do you think if Adam told Maya about his condition prior to the incident, she would have broken up with him? – M Peterson

  10. Adam mentions he's uncle being schizophrenic and not being diagnosed. Do you think there has been much progress in it's diagnosis between then and now? – P Ikeme

  11. Do you think Adam heard Maya fall into the water or that he truly followed Rebecca out when she left for the pool? – M Myers

  12. What did you think of the diary? Do you think it was an effective way to communicate with his therapist? – M Peterson, M Myers

  13. Why did it take so long to reveal how he was first diagnosed with this medical issue?  - G Stump

  14. Did you notice early on that Rebecca was Adams truest feelings ? How do you think having her around helped him cope? – A Ruiz, G Stump

  15. Was anyone else worried that Maya entering his bedroom wasn't real? – P Ikeme

  16. I loved Adam’s relationship with Dwight, do you think Dwight was so accepting of Adams illness because he was picked on and bullied? – M Myers

  17. Why do you think Ian was allowed to continue bullying the students? It was a catholic school, so why wasn’t he expelled regardless of the connections his family had with the school? – M Peterson

  18. I found it hard to get into anyone else? That being said once I got into it couldn’t put in down. – G Stump

  19. "It is abundantly clear that we only care about sick people who are dying tragic, time-sensitive deaths" How true is this statement with regard to how mental health is treated today? – P Ikeme

  20. My favorite scene was when Adam went to Maya’s house and cooked for her whole family. Why do you think it was so hard for Maya to accept that Adam did this because he knew it would make her happy? – M Myers

  21. What did you think of a Adam’s parents and his step grandmother? – M Peterson

  22. Did you ever hope that he would finally talk to his therapist? How did you enjoy the format of the book? – A Ruiz

  23. Did you have any misconceptions about schizophrenia before reading this book? Have they changed? – P Ikeme

  24. Thinking about Dwight’s behavior and the way he was acting, did you think at any point, that perhaps he was mentally challenged? – M Peterson

  25. Do you think it's ok to laugh at people that have the same illness as you? From page 62 in the book. – D Moses

  26. G Stump

  27. Jesus loves youDon’t be a homo.These are the words on the bathroom wall.Do you think they are significant? – N King

  28. Should Adam have accepted Ian's apology for "outing" him? And what should Ian's punishment have been with the school? – N King

  29. What is your star rating for Words on Bathroom Walls? What did you love? What did you hate? – N King

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Nikole English 4 stars for me. :) I enjoy YA and reading stories involving mental health. I felt the author did a great job in telling a story while trying to stay true to the mental illness.

Teri Erickson ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I loved all of the characters, hallucinations and all. I liked that it felt to me to be an honest look into living as a teen with schizophrenia. It was a slow start for me so I gave it a 4.