Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

1. Crazy Rich Asians has an extensive list of characters requiring a family tree at the beginning of the book and uses footnotes within the text. How did you feel about those two things? Did they help give detail to the story or were they a distraction for you?  Lori C

2. How do you feel about the fact that Nick wasn’t completely upfront with Rachel about his family’s wealth - didn’t lie, but didn’t bear all? Kelsey A

3. The book and the movie open with Eleanor and her family arriving in a hotel in London. The GM of the hotel does not allow them to stay there. What did you think of that? Were you surprised by the racial implications? Mariya P

4. Who was your favorite character and why? Kelsey A

5. What do you think of the “old money” versus the “new money” divide in this book? (the Youngs and their extended family and Peik Lin’s family, for example), as well as between Mainland and Overseas Chinese. Did you see a difference between these groups and the way they dealt with their wealth or how this shape their perceptions of themselves and one another? Lori C

6.  Was anyone else side blinded by Nick’s grandmother’s reaction towards Him proposing to Rachel? Because when she first met Rachel, I totally got the feeling that she liked her.  Anna S D

7. It was already asked, what you thought about Nick not telling Rachel about his family, but why do you think He doesn’t tell Rachel more about his family before the trip? Lori C

8. What was your initial impression of Colin and Araminta? Did the events of their bachelor/bachelorette parties change your opinion? How about their wedding? Lori C

9. How did you feel about Eleanor digging up all of the information about Rachel’s father, for it only to be wrong? How do you think Rachel’s mother, Kerry, felt? Kelsey A

10. What do you think of Peik Lin? Jessica M

11. Do you like how the author devotes different sections of the novel to specific characters? Did this have any on your impressions of and/or sympathies for the problems and prejudices that motivate each of them? Did you like a particular characters story line the best? Lori C

12. Do you think Rachel and Nick should get married? Jessica M

13. Why do you think the girls at the bachelorette were horrible to Rachel. Do you think it was just jealousy? Lori C

14. Both Nick and Astrid offered to leave their family for Rachel and Michael. What do you think about this? Can family ever be left behind completely? Jessica M

15.  It seemed like most of the female characters where high maintenance, self absorbed mean girls. Which female character did you dislike the most and why?  Lori C

16. What were your thoughts when you heard Kerry's story? Jessica M

17. What are your thoughts on the title? Did you read it as “Crazy-Rich Asians” or as “Crazy, Rich Asians”? Lori C

18. What are your thoughts on what Charlie Wu did, acquiring Michael’s company. What do you think his motive is. Do you think good will come out if it Lori C

19. Much of this book is full of humor and satire. Do you think it is offensive to Asians? If you were Asian, would you be offended? Why/why not Lori C

20. If you could spend one day living the Crazy Rich Asian lifestyle, would you? Which part would you enjoy experiencing the most? The clothes, the food, the pampering, the opulent homes, the luxury cars, something else? Lori C

21. Will you be reading the other two books in the series? If yes, whose story would you like to see it's continuation? Praise I

22. Let's talk about Astrid. Did you like her? Hate her? Did you think too much was expected of her? And also what did you think of her relationship with Charlie? Praise I

23. Let’s talk food... I feel like it could almost be considered a character itself in this novel. Were you familiar with any of the dishes mentioned? Was there anything that had you salivating? How adventurous are you in trying new cuisine? Is there anything you want to try? Lori C

24. How did you feel about this book’s satirical nature of stereotyping? One of the things I enjoyed was seeing those being stereotyped stereotyping right back. Do you think the author was fair or accurate in his assessment of how Asians may be perceived? And on track with stereotyping, what are your thoughts on how this male author successfully ‘pushed past the velvet ropes of race, culture and gender, to tap that exclusive genre: chick lit’. Were you surprised at the success? Lori C

25. The book features several instances of mothers trying to control and navigate their children's futures. Who's best interests are the moms of Crazy Rich Asians looking out for? Lori C

26.  What did you think about Rachel’s father? Jessica M

27. What did you love about this book? What did you hate? Overall rating?  Cindi S


It was fun and entertaining and I loved some of the characters. I hated some of the cattiness and entitlement of certain characters but I know it was integral to the idea that they were crazy rich.  Jodi L

I really enjoyed the book, I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I laughed got angry! I loved learning about Singapore, the characters were very entertaining! Can’t wait to read the next two books. Dying to see the movie too!  Pamela R-P