Daisy Jones & The Six 

by Taylor Jenkins Reid

  1. How did you feel about the format for this book? How did you read it? Audio or Print? Did it affect your opinion of the book? – C Settle

  2. When I read this book I really wasn't sure if Daisy Jones was a real band or not. I had to look it up. Did you realize right away that this story was completely fictional? Were you impressed with how real the author made the band seem? - unknown RBUT member

  3. I loved Camila’s positive supportive attitude towards Billy and the way she handles his screw ups.  Did you think she put up with too much? - unknown RBUT member

  4. Would you have waited for Billy like Camila did? – P Ikeme

  5. I know when I was reading this book, I immediately felt Fleetwood Mac vibes. I listened to their albums while reading this. Did you get any particular band vibes? I would have thought this book was written about Stevie Nicks. – J Machuga

  6. How did you feel about Daisy? Do you think her drug use was a crutch? – C Settle

  7. Who was your favorite character and why? – P Nasby

  8. What do you think of Billy's distrust of Daisy? Do you think he took it too far? – P Ikeme

  9. I felt myself getting very frustrated with Daisy and her bad choices. Do you think if she was able to get sober sooner, that things would have gone differently with Billy? – J Machuga

  10. Were you surprised that Julia was the interviewer? Was that significant in the story? Did it change how you looked at the book? – J Peggs

  11. Do you think if Billy and Daisy met before Billy met Camilla they would have become a couple and would their relationship have lasted? – L Connolly

  12. Why do you think Billy didn’t want Daisy to join the band? – L Connolly

  13. After the concert when Daisy is a mess, Camilla helps her to her room and as they have their conversation, she encourages Daisy to leave the band telling her she is rooting for her sobriety and happiness. Do you think Camilla truly had Daisy’s best interests at heart? – L Connolly

  14.  Daisy grew up in a life of privilege and things seem like they should have been easy for her. She was born into a wealthy family, was beautiful and had a great voice. Do you think she was surprised when she was told her “songs” weren’t very good? Having been handed things her whole life, were you surprised at how hard and capable she was at working to be better? What do you think pushed her desire to be a successful singer/song writer? – L Connolly

  15. What did you think of Karen’s decision to end her pregnancy and Graham’s reaction to it? Did you think her decision was a realistic reflection of the time? And were you surprised at Graham’s reaction? – L Connolly

  16.  In the beginning do you think The Six should have tried harder for Billy to stay sober?  - A Ruiz

  17. Do you think Billy and Daisy were sleeping together? Why or why not? – M Phillips

  18.  I didn't connect with the format of the book. I felt really uneasy that any and all comments were given in an interview style and I always take interviews (especially people talking about famous people they know) with a pinch of salt.  Anyone else feel the characters automatically were unreliable? – A Halpin

  19. Who was your favorite member of the band ? – P Ikeme, A Ruiz

  20.  Daisy Jones and The Six made an album together, which song was your favorite? – M Phillips

  21. Many people found the audible version good. What was it about audible that made a difference to this unusual format? – A Halpin

  22. How did you feel about Daisy Jones singing with The Six (Billy)? – M Phillips

  23. Billy and Camille... Camille gave him a lot of trust and told him to go be a rock star. That took a lot of faith and trust to send him off to write and perform with Daisy knowing about their connection and unspoken feelings. Would you have done the same? How did that make you feel about Camille? – J Machiga

  24. Why do you think so many people let Daisy get away with her addiction and behavior? – A Ruiz

  25. How do you feel about the way that Daisy Jones and Billy felt for each other even though he was married? – M Phillips

  26. Although I never got far with the book, what kept people engaged? Was there any nitty gritty twists or reveals that wouldn't have worked in a 'regular' format? – A Halpin

  27. How did you feel about the end of the book regarding Camille's letter to her girls and asking them to be sure to give Billy Daisy's number after he has time to heal? – J Machuga

  28. Overall rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle

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Ashley Ruiz 5 stars 🌟

It’s going to be in my top reads this year for sure. I loved everything about the story from the way it was told to all the characters. I connected to Camila loving a man battling addiction. I loved the rock star/70s storyline.

Jennifer Kalman I gave it 3.5 stars. It took me a long time to get used to the style/format of the story. I just didn't really like the interview format. I didn't love the beginning. But I did enjoy the end of the book.

Lori Hines Connolly This was a strong 4-4.5* for me. I will be honest, so many reading groups have raved about this book and I read the description and it was totally not my forte. I’ve put this off for months. Then started reading for our buddy read and couldn’t get into it because of the format. But once I switched to the audio I fell in love hard. I forgot it was fiction more than once. Maybe because of my age? It was like deja vu between the Beetles and Linda and Yoko and then Fleetwood Mac. I was a kid in the 70’s but somehow my HS years and Stevie Nicks love Came flying back. So many times I really thought this was a memoir. For that alone I rated it high. And the audio was amazing. Truly brought it to life