Disgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry
  1. There were a lot of characters in this book that showed a lot of growth as the story progressed. Which character do you feel made the most significant growth and why? Cindi S

  2. Often times I will hear a song and be reminded of a book. I love when this happens and I can connect a song to a story, however I am having a hard time with this one.  As a reader are there any song(s) that you hear and immediately that song reminds you of Disgrace?  Chelsea R

  3. One thing that bothered me was that Grace’s friend told her that her husband was killed in the same car wreck as Jackson’s mom. Were they in the same car or just same accident? Was he driving her away from the house or did he hit her?  Michelle M

  4. Jackson was so broken and used the bad boy persona to keep people at arms length yet he’s called the fixer.  Was he the fixer because he showed women how they should be “loved”?  Michelle M

  5. Favorite supporting character?  Why?  Olivia D

  6. What was your first thought of Grace’s mom?  Kathy W

  7. Judy is an amazing sister, she was there for Grace no matter what. How do you think Judy was able to see the good in Jackson when no one else is their family could? Do you think it was because she also didn’t know about her dad and Jackson’s mom? Michelle M

  8. This book had so many characters to dislike?  Finn for cheating on his wife, Autumn for sleeping with her friends husband, Grace’s mother, Jackson’s father….who did you dislike the most and why?  Laurie S

  9.  “My husband wasn’t a cheater except when it came to her. Her. I hated her, even though I didn’t know who she was. I hated her in a way I hadn’t known I could hate a stranger.”
    This quote stuck out to me. What quote stuck out to you? Kathy W

  10. There were so many beautiful moments in this book but my heart soared at this:  “Because there is no such thing as an “almost” mother.  Seven bouguets from your seven angles.  Happy Mother’s Day, Princess.”  Which part (s) made your heart beat?  Mette C

  11. I was so shocked that Grace just forgave her mom so quickly and let her become a huge part of her life.  Could you forgive your mother that quickly if she had been so horrible to you your life?  Olivia D

  12. What did you think about Jackson’s relationship with Tuck?  Did it surprise you that he loved his dog so much yet hated anyone else around him?  Laurie S

  13. Early in the book, Grace ponders the question, Did love disappear because of heartbreak or boredom? What are your thoughts as it relates to Grace and Finn? Cindi S

  14. Was anyone else upset with Jackson’s mom for leaving?  I couldn’t get past the fact that she left her son crying at the door when she left.  Laurie S

  15. What did you think The Silent Bookshop?  Is this a place you would visit?  Would you like it there?  Cindi S

  16. Did you ever suspect that Jackson's mum was with Grace's dad? Why did you think they hated their family so much?  Praise I

  17. Let’s discuss some of Jackson’s coping outlets! Jackson used sex, snapping his bracelet, and banging on an old car to help him cope with situations. Do you think certain ones worked for different stressors, or did they all work together to calm him down?  Laurie S

  18. Let’s discuss some of Jackson’s coping outlets! Jackson used sex, snapping his bracelet, and banging on an old car to help him cope with situations. Do you think certain ones worked for different stressors, or did they all work together to calm him down?  Laurie S

  19. I really would have liked to see a HEA for Jackson’s dad or Grace’s mom. Did anyone else think they were going to end up together in the end? Michelle M

  20. I loved the book recommendations in the silent library and the secret notes. Did it surprise you Jackson liked YA? I loved this touch.  Joanna G

  21. Those post-it notes....swoon. I loved how they communicated with each other in that way. They always gave each other exactly what they needed at that moment. Why do you think it was so easy for them to give those things to each other but neither could ask for help from their family? Michelle M

  22. Can we PLEASE talk about Grace?! It’s killing me. I did not think I was going to be able to make it through this book because I loathed her in the beginning. Like, she drove me crazy with her whining and neediness. Anyone else? What did you love about Grace? What did you hate?   Cindi S

  23. Do you think Grace should have tried harder to “win” Finley back as her mother suggested?  Why or why not?  Cindi S

  24. Goodreads stated that Disgrace was originally named Between the Notes.  Which do you feel is the most appropriate title and why?  Staci J

  25. Overall rating?  How many stars?  What did you love?  What did you hate?  Cindi S


Amy Therese 4.5 ⭐s I loved it from the development of multiple characters to the feels it gave me throughout the entire book!

Mette L. Christensen It was 5 stars for me. I loved loved loved Jackson. And I loved Jackson and Grace together. The way they found comfort and love in each other in a cruel world was so beautiful. I loved their growth. I liked how the author didn't just throw a successful pregnancy in there just to make it all rosy and peachy but I would've loved to hear Jackson say to Grace that it didn't matter if they had children.
I don't have anything negative to say about this book except for the fact that I'm so bummed Jackson isn't real. And mine ❤️

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