Eleanor & Grey
by Brittainy C. Cherry

Q1. When we first meet Eleanor and Grey, Eleanor is very much an introvert while Grey is an extrovert. What was it about Grey that drew Eleanor in? What was it about Eleanor that sparked Grey’s interest?  Cindi S

Q2. What was your first impression of Greyson and how did that change as the story progressed?  Cindi S

Q3. When do you think Gray and Eleanor first knew they loved one another, past and present?  Elisha S

Q4. How big of a role do you feel Eleanor’s experience with loss and grief played in the healing of Greyson’s family?  Cindi S

Q5.  When Eleanor met Grey for the second time, she hurt for his loss of his wife and the grief he was experiencing. And Greys memories of his life with his wife seemed happy.
Do you think that if Greys wife had lived, and he had still met Eleanor for a second time, the pair could have picked up a platonic friendship again - happy for each other (at least Elenor for Grey) that they had found what they were looking for in their life ?   Adele H

Q6. What was your reaction to the birthday gift that Grey and his girls made for Eleanor? Elisha S

Q7. I love that Eleanor was a reader and proud to be a Harry Potter fan. What other characteristics did you love about Eleanor? What characteristics did you dislike?  Cindi S

Q8. Do you have trouble reading this trope? I.e. Romance with a character that has a dead spouse. I recently discovered that people have a problem reading this. Do you? If yes why?  Praise I

Q9 Did anyone wonder why they hadn’t taken Karla to a plastic surgeon yet?Or, why it at least wasn’t mentioned?  Connie C

Q10. What did you think of Grey’s treatment of Eleanor when she became the nanny for the kids? Cindi S

Q11. Who has watched Gilmore Girls? Did your heart flutter a little with the reference to the show in the book?   Kimberly H

Q12. Did you find it odd that after all this time that passed Eleanor was still kind of in the same place while Grayson got married and had kids?  Praise I

Q 13 :  Bullying played a big part in this book.   When they were kids Greysons friends were the bullies who pushed people around Greysons father bullied his mother then he bullies at his daughters school.  But I did feel it was allowed to go on...like no one really activally tried to stop it or report it (I kind of liked the real life similarities in this perspective though that so much just slips past)  But I do wish the bullies on Kayla at the party got more than a call to the police about busting the party/report to the principal.  Anyone else think Greyson isn't actively trying to help his daughter with this problem?  Adele H

Q14. Did you feel Eleanor was a strong female character? Tia D

Q15. One of my favorite scenes in this story is when Grey reads Harry Potter so that he will have something in common with Eleanor. I thought this was so sweet and romantic. What was your favorite part? Cindi S

Q16. Why do you think Eleanor was more successful in getting Grey to process his grief than she was with her father?  Cindi S

Q17. Let’s talk about the supporting characters. Did you have a favorite? If so, who and why? How do you feel they contributed to the story?  Cindi S

Q18. What characteristics of Greyson’s did you like the most? What characteristics did you dislike? Cindi S

Q19. My heart hurt for Karla. What did you think of Karla? Overall impression of her. Cindi S

Q20. What were your overall impressions of this book? What was your star rating? What did you love? What did you hate?  Cindi S

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Brittnay Landrum Hough I enjoyed it. It was very emotional for me, which doesn’t happen often. I think it was the loss of loved ones. I gave it 4⭐️, it made feel.

Mette L. Christensen It was 3.5 ⭐ for me. It was touching and I thought their story was beautiful. If I'd felt their love connection more deeply, it would've gotten the last 1.5 star.

Kimberly Howard Whitley I loved this book and give it 5 stars. I love books that make me feel something and keep wanting to turn the page. I loved all of the characters and the story. This has been my favorite buddy ready! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️