Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

  1. What was your first impression of Eleanor?Did your impression of Eleanor change as you get to know her? – Cindi S

  2.  What do you think drew Park to Eleanor (what made him fall in love with her) – Lori C

  3. What do you speculate had happened between Eleanor and Ritchie? Why did you think she got kicked out? – Cindi S

  4. Would you have been friends with Eleanor in high school? – Doreen F

  5. Do you think Eleanor influenced Park on accepting who he was (being more comfortable with himself? How/why? – Lori C

  6. The ending, love it or hate it? – Stacy L D

  7. Did your opinion on Tina change by the end? – Meagan B

  8. Who was your favorite character and why? – Stacy L D

  9. What did you think about Park being half Korean? Did it add to the story-line? In what way? – Amanda G

  10. Why do you think the author chose the time period she did (1986-87) to set the book? Would the book be different if it were set current to when it was written (2013) – Amanda G

  11. This was written as a young adult book. Does that make any difference to you? Did you find the themes/writing complex enough? As adult readers are there any themes you think younger readers wouldn't have caught on to? – Amanda G

  12. Why do you think Eleanor never told Park that she loved him? – Cindi S

  13. Did Eleanor make the right decision to run away?Why or why not? – Cindi S

  14.  What do you think the 3 words Eleanor wrote on the post card she sent Park? – Lori C

  15. There were a lot of unanswered questions, what question do you want answered the most? – Cindi S

  16. Why do you think Eleanor felt like she had to completely end everything with Park when she went away (why couldn't they write, call, visit?) – Lori C

  17. What did you love about Eleanor and Park?What did you hate?Overall rating? – Cindi S