Eleanor OIliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman


Q1. Eleanor is an unusual and quirky character or, as one critic described her, 'an acerbic, non-communicative sociopath'. Did she evoke your sympathy, and if so, why? And if she didn't...why not?   Lori C

Q2. Did you guess where ‘Mummy’ was? Or did this twist in the novel come as a surprise to you? Lori C

Q3. There are sections of the novel that are laugh out loud funny and some wonderful observations on the absurdity of everyday life. What was your favourite Eleanor-ism?   Lori C

Q4. The novel has many themes, but the standout message is that even the smallest acts of kindness can have transformative power. Would you agree with this? Lori C

Q5. This book is both tragic and comic. Overall, did you find it hopeful or sad?  Lori C

Q.6 Eleanor is worried that she may become like her mother. Is she justified in her concern? What are your thoughts on nature vs. nurture? Nikole E

Q7. Did you find Eleanor to be likeable? Do you see her as someone you might be friends with?  Cindi S

Q8. Let's talk about Eleanor's relationship with Raymond the IT guy. What effect did his kindness and acceptance have on her? He was really her first real friend - yet he was so at odds with her beliefs in the way he dressed, ate and communicated. Why did she continue to be his friend?  Lori C

Q9. Eleanor loves routine and order in her life. She doesn't seem to have future dreams for herself, she has had the same job for nine years, she doesn't have any friends. However, she insists everything is fine. Do you think she believes this?  Lori C

Q10. What do you think Raymond finds appealing about Eleanor? And why does Eleanor feel comfortable opening up to Raymond?  Lori C

Q11. If you could choose only one word to describe Eleanor, what word would you use?  Cindi S

Q12. Eleanor decides she has met the man of her dreams when she attends a concert - she falls head over heels for the musician. Why do you think she has chosen someone she has never met. What did they have in common that they were both probably used to, but for different reasons?  Lori C

Q13. "Did men ever look in the mirror, I wondered, and find themselves wanting in deeply fundamental ways? When they opened a newspaper or watched a film, were they presented with nothing but exceptionally handsome young men, and did this make them feel intimidated, inferior, because they were not as young, not as handsome?” (p. 74). Eleanor’s question is rhetorical and slightly tongue-in-cheek, but worth answering. What are your thoughts? If men don’t have this experience, why not? If they do, why is it not more openly discussed? Lori C

Q14 Just going to ask it: did you want more romance between Ray and Eleanor or do you like how the story ended between them? Jessica W

Q15. If you were in a group therapy session with Eleanor, what would you want to say to her? Lori C

Q16. What did you think of Eleanor's relationship with her co-workers and her boss. Initially she is dismissed by her co-workers as being crazy. What changed do you think, them or her? How do you think you would have treated her if you were her colleague? #discusseleanorO  Lori

Q17. How were Glen and Eleanor alike and why do you think they were perfect companions? Lori C

Q18. Eleanor had always enjoyed reading, but had “never been sure how to select appropriate material. How do you know which ones will match your tastes and interests?” what did you think about the methods she tried in selecting books and what methods do you use? Lori C

Q19. In times of stress Eleanor returns to her copy of Jane Eyre. Why do you think so? If you've read Jane Eyre, did you recognize parallels between the two characters? Lori C

Q20. What do you thing the future holds for Eleanor and Raymond?  Lori C

Q21. The film writes for this have been purchased by Reese Witherspoon. Who do you think will be a good actress to play Eleanor? Is this a movie you would see?  Lori C

Q22. Overall impressions. What did you love? What did you hate? Star rating? Cindi S