Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon #discusseverything

  1. Who was your favorite and least favorite character?Why? – Cindi S

  2. Why do you think there wasn’t very much more interaction between Olly and Maddy? – Janet A

  3. What is our overall rating of the book? – Janet A

  4. Maddy decides she would rather have a short but full life.Do you believe love and freedom are worth the vulnerability that comes with it? – Amy W (from the author’s questions)

  5. How can a mom lie to her own daughter about having a serious rare disease like that and not have any remorse over it? – Janet A

  6. How do you feel about Maddy’s mom and what did to Maddy?Janette P

  7. Who has or who plans on seeing the movie? – Janet A

  8. What did you think about Carla’s decision to allow Olly to visit? – Cindi S

  9. What’s your favorite quote from the book – if you have one? – Britt B

  10. Maddy loved books.I love that about this book.How do you feel about her reviews/spoilers? – Britt B

  11. What do you think about Maddy’s spur of the moment trip to Hawaii? – Rebecca L

  12. Did anyone else notice the formatting of the book, paperback versus Kindle edition?Did this add or distract from your reading of the story? – Kara M

  13. Do you think Carla’s firing was warranted? – Cindi S

  14. Do you thin kis was fair of Maddy to0 make the decision to go outside? To go to Hawaii?Knowing she was sick? – Cindi S

  15. Why do you think Nicola Yoon names this book Everything Everything? – Teri D

  16. What would you miss the most if you had to stay indoors like Maddy did? – Cindi S

  17. If you had a favorite “scene”, what would it be? – Cindi