Final Girls by Riley Sager
by Riley Sager
  1. Let's get right to the point! Who did you think did it - committed the Pine Cottage Murders? Were you surprised or did you figure it out?  Janette P

  2. In one word, how would you describe Quincy Carpenter? fid you find her sympathetic as a character? Why or why not?  Lori C

  3. I always have a hard time with thrillers because it makes me question everybody.  Who did you have the hardest time trusting or believing?  Ashley R

  4. What were you initial thoughts on Quincy’s locked ‘treasure’ drawer?  Lori C

  5. What do you think Joe’s intentions were when he escaped and lied about his car breaking down? Do you think he was going to hurt them?  Michelle M

  6. How did you feel about Samantha Boyd pushing Quincy to remember the night?  Did ou suspect her as the killer?  Joanna G

  7. Looking back it makes sense why Coop doted on Quincy so much from the beginning. Do you think Quincy would have remembered sooner if Coop wasn’t so I involved in her life?  Michelle M

  8. The tattoo!  Your thoughts?  I think tattoos can be therapy and I liked that this element was added.  Joanna G

  9. Why do you think Lisa was so cryptic in her email? And why didn’t she just call Quincy to tell her that she needed to talk to her?   Michelle M

  10. During the story, did anyone else find themselves rooting for a Quincy/Coop romance? Why or why not?  Anna B

  11. Why did you think Sam was so insistent that Quincy remember?  Lori C

  12. What do you think of Samantha Boyd and the effect she has on Quincy? Why is she so insistent that Quincy relive the past?  Kaitlin D

  13. Quincy’s relationship with her mother really bothered me. Would you have a support team if something like this happened to you or would people expect you to “survive” and move along in life?  Ashley R

  14. Did you think it was wrong that Quincy’s mother shoved medication at her and told her to take it and basically be normal.  Dee M

  15. Let's talk about the role of the media in the story. How did the reporters make things better or worse for the final girls?  Janette P / Kaitlin D

  16. Ashley R. is correct. We need to talk about how "Sam" wasn't really "Sam", but Tina. What?!?!  Janette Peggs

  17. What were your thoughts on the ending. Do you think it was right that Quincy let Tina take responsibility for the guy she beat in the park?   Lori C

  18. This book actually touches on a lot of issues of mental illness. How do you think the author handled that aspect of this book? Sam/Tina is the perfect example. I really felt for her character while a lot of people might not.   Jessica W

  19. What did you think about how Quincy used baking as a means of therapy for herself. Why do you think this was effective? Do you have an activity that helps you unwind or deal with a stressful or anxiety provoking situation?  Lori C

  20. Why do you think Quincy always took items she could see herself in? What do you think she was looking for when looking at her own reflection?  Lori C

  21. It has been 10 years after the Pine Cottage Murders, and Quincy believes she has recovered from the trauma. What suggests differently, and why does she seem unwilling to admit the murders continue to haunt her?  Kaitlin D

  22. Why do you think Coop took off and felt the need to distance himself from Quincy after finally having sex?  Lori C

  23. Was it just me or was anyone else turned off or offended when Quincy slept with Joe out of spite because her best friend and boyfriend hooked up? And what about Janelle? I think overall I was not a fan of the one-dimensional female voice of the narrator. Thoughts?  Lori C

  24. How would you feel about being a Final Girl? Would you embrace it or hide away like Samantha Boyd?  Ashley R

  25. Considering that Coop thought Quinn was different and liked what he saw of her that night in the woods why do you think he stabbed her again in the stomach later after stabbing her a few times earlier before?  Amanda B

  26. Whom did you suspect at first? Did your suspicions turn toward Quincy herself? Sam? Joe Hannen, perhaps? Were you surprised by the identity of the real killer … or see it coming?  Kaitlin D

  27. Considering the appearance and size of Joe, compared to the other guys, does it make you wonder why they didn’t suspect someone else? Someone bigger-?stronger? I mean only a knife was used. I know it probably has happened, but seems like they automatically assumed it was Joe or Quincy.   Connie C

  28. What is your rating for Final Girls?  What did you love?  What did you hate?  Nicole K

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Connie Clarkson Caudill I give it 4 1/2⭐️ I don’t rate very many books higher than a 4 and just a few 5’s . This book was really good. It was a little slow paced at the beginning. But, boy did the ending make up for it. I’m rarely this surprised by who the culprit/murderer is. This was really a 😮WOW moment!

Jessica Machuga It was a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ for me. It was a little slow, but by the end I loved it.