Firefly Island by Kristin Hannah


Q1:  Tully and Kate seemed to have an unlikely friendship, even from the start.  What do you think it was that brought them together so easily?  Cindi S

Q2:  Tully and Kate were so different.  Which one do you identify with more and why?  Mariya P

Q3:  What do you think Tully was most jealous in regards to Kate’s life?  What do you think Kate was most envious of Tully’s life?  Mariya P

Q4:  I always love when authors put quotes in the beginning of a book.  I feel like it’s a glimpse into the heart of the story.  Do you agree with this one and how it relates to the book?  “The best mirror is an old friend.”  George Herbert – Ashley R.

Q5:  Kate and Tully were so different.  What do you feel kept friendship together though the years?  Laurie S

Q6: The Kate-Johnny-Tully triangle.  How do you think Tully really felt about Johnny?  How do you think Johnny felt about Tully?  Do you think Kate had the right to feel insecure in her relationship with Johnny, through the entire book?  Mariya P

Q7:  There were a lot of tender moments throughout the book.  Was there a scene that moved you more than others?  Cindi S

Q8:  What do you feel were the good and bad qualities of both Kate and Tully?  Laurie S

Q9:  Chad and Tully.  Should she have moved to Tennessee to be with him?  Do you think she could have had a good life with him?  Mariya P

Q10:  Tully and Kate called each other their forever friends.  Do you think there would ever come a time when you could no longer feel like it was good for you to keep up a friendship?  This even applies with family because many of our best friends are sometimes family.  Connie C

Q11:  Tully was abandoned by her mother.  How much do you think that influenced her life?  How much do you think childhood heartaches makes us who we are?  Mariya P

Q12:  OK. The live show featuring Kate and Marah.  Did Tully cross the line?  What did you think of Kate’s response to Tully?  Was it warranted?  Cindi S

Q13:  Music plays an important role in this novel.  What musical memories do you have of your teen years, your twenties and today?  Do you feel as we get older that music plays less of a role in our lives?  Why do you feel that music so profoundly impacts us when we’re “coming of age”?  Cindi S

Q14:  Was there an OMG moment for you?  If so, what was it?  What did you NOT see coming?  Cindi S

Q15:  Who was your favorite character and why?  Lori C

Q16:  Have you read other Kristin Hannah books?  (I know Nightingale was in a previous discussion day).  How did this one compare?  Did you like her style of writing or theme in one more than the other?  Lori C

Q17:  Towards the end of the story, both Tully and Kate felt wronged by the other.  Who do you feel was more wronged?  Lori C

C18:  What do you think the future holds for Johnny and Tully?  Do you think they will get together?  Lori C

Q19:  At which moment in the novel did you first notice a hint of tension between Tully and Kate?  Who do you feel was to blame for this turning point?  Lori C

Q20:  Could you see yourself being a “soul sister” with either Tully or Kate?  Why or why not?  Laurie S

Q21:  What circumstances do you think lead Tully to be so driven?  So selfish!  Cindi S

Q22:  What did you love?  What did you hate?  Overall rating?  Cindi S.

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Lori C - This was a 5***** for me. Thought this was a beautiful story of the friendship of two women through the course of their life. From their childhood through adulthood it was poignant reminder of the passing of time, sharing with them their love, heartaches, laughter, tears hopes and fears. Heart warming and heart wrenching. It was a believable story and reminded me of my youth and BFF. I love sharing their journey through the decades. Tully's constant self-centeredness was the hardest for me. I'm not so sure I would have been as good a friend as Kate was during many of their hardships.