Give Me Yesterday by K Webster

  1. What qualities do you feel allowed Tori to open up to Chase? – L Salemi

  2. What part of the story broke you the most? – L Salemi

  3. So much energy goes into hating yourself for your mistakes.  How do you think Tori’s life would have been different if she had “moved on’ sooner? – M Myers

  4. What did you think Chas was painting the wall to resemble?  How did you feel when it was reveled that it was for Sarah’s dress? – B Williamson

  5. What 3 words would you use to describe this book? – L Hines Connolly

  6. Did you have any idea why Chase was having such a hard time finding the perfect shade of yellow before he told Tori? – C Busick

  7. If you had to choose one lesson or message Author K Webster was trying to teach us, what would it be? – L Hines Connolly

  8. What were the odds of Chase being the one to kill Ben and Sarah and then meeting, desiring to fix and then falling in love with Tori?  Do you believe in destiny and that things happen for a reason? -  L Hines Connolly

  9. Do you feel you could have personally forgiven Chase and moved on to have a future with him? – L Salemi

  10. What were thoughts about Tori?  What did you love about her?  What did you hate?  About her growth? – C Settle

  11. What were your feelings or thoughts when Tori and Chase named their son Benjamin? – C Busick

  12. What was your ugly cry moment in the book? – N King

  13. When did you figure out the plot twist – that Chase and Tori’s losses were one in the same? – S Lazo-Deiss

  14. Who was your favorite supporting character?  I loved Cort for always calling Chase out on things. – L Salemi

  15. What were some quotes that really stuck with you from the book? – L Salemi

  16. What other Author K Webster books have you read and how did they compare to this one? – L Hines Connolly

  17. There are two authors writing the two POV’s.  Did you notice any difference in their writing? – P Ikeme

  18. I felt like Chase developed feelings for Victoria very early on in the book. I kind of wished it took longer and perhaps Victoria should have attended more counseling sessions before they started their relationship. What do you think? – M Peterson

  19. What about Chase?  What did you love?  What did you hate?  What did you think of his growth? – C Settle

  20. In a movie, who would you cast to play Tori and Chase? – L Salemi

  21. Overall, what was your favorite part of the book?  What was your rating? – B Williamson