In a Dark, Dark Wood

by Ruth Ware

  1. How do you feel about the relationship between Nora and James? Do you think it's reasonable to have the feelings she did after such a long time? – N King

  2. There was a recent article floating around Facebook concerning your inner voice. In the Dark Dark Wood, the author writes, "It's a good existence for a writer, in many ways - alone with the voices in your head, the characters you've created. In the silence they become very real." Do you have an inner voice? Does that voice take on characters? – N King

  3. I find it interesting that "Nora" has so many names - Lee, Leo, Nora, Lenora and LN Shaw. Why do you think she has gone by so many names? Has she been reinventing herself? Changes for particular parts of her life? And even more, why does Lee stutter and Nora does not? – N King

  4. Did you find any of the friendships believable? I did not believe any of the relationships between any two of the characters were "true friends". – N King

  5. Let's discuss Flo. Was anyone's immediate thought, "this chick isn't right."? – N King

  6.  Did you feel at all lost or confused in the beginning? – C Busick

  7. Why would Flo have a quiz about who knew the most facts about James, especially if she knew a little of Nora’s history with him? Was her purpose that Clare have an entertaining time at all costs, or was it possible that the game wasn’t even her idea (from Amanda Leitch Owlcation)? – D Moses

  8. What would bother you more: no mobile service or no curtains/blinds? Why? – L Connolly

  9. Reading this genre always gets my crazy mind working overtime. When Melanie left early I had all these crazy twisted thoughts and plot ideas, like they would find her body somewhere. Did you think there would be more to the purpose of Melanie's character? Why kind of craziness were you imagining? – L Connolly

  10. Did you already have a feeling that a specific person was going to be shot? – RBUT member

  11. What did you think happened between Nora and James? How did you feel about the truth? – RBUT member

  12. Did Clare's actions in childhood send up red flags for you? – RBUT member

  13. As Nicole mentioned Leonora went by many names, Lee, Leo, Nora. Why did Nora prefer to be called Nora? – L Connolly

  14. What do you think the purpose of the Ouija board scene was? do you think one person was responsible for spelling out ‘murder’ or do you think it was a group effort? – L Connolly

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  16. Did Nora delete Matt Ridout’s email and invitation for coffee, or did she click reply? Why? What would you have done and why? (Question from Amanda Leitch- Owlcation) – L Connolly

  17. Have you read other books by Ruth Ware? If so, which one and how did it compare? – L Connolly

  18. Was there anything that really took you by surprise?! Like, where the hell did that come from? – C Settle

  19. Who was your favorite character? Least favorite character? Why? – C Settle

  20. Overall star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle

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Elisha Sine 4 🌟 I loved the suspense and with so many characters it was hard to peg which one it was but I didn't like how slow the beginning if the book was.

Tiffany Black-Wilson Well now; this is the kind of mystery I like...very twisty and very twisted. Two overlapping stories heading towards the finale. Excellent. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I will definitely be reading more Ruth Ware novels.

Cindi Settle I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️. It was slow to start and I couldn’t get past the fact that Nora went to Clare’s hen party but hadn’t spoken to her in 10 years. That was unbelievable to me.