Discussion Questions
Kind Series  #discussking


  1. Who is your favorite badass girl in the series? – Ellen S

  2. What was your favorite plot twist?What made you scream because you didn’t see it coming? – Ashley R

  3. Did you see East being Eric? – Ellen S

  4. What was a laugh out loud moment for you? – Ellen S

  5. As a grandma (Mimi), I don’t know if I would shit my pants or drop my pants if I were approached by Bear, King, and Preppy to house their Granny Grow Project…How do you think they persuaded these ladies? – Lori C

  6. Which alpha male had the greatest transition and what was it that set their growth above the others? – Lori C

  7. What were your first thoughts upon being introduced to Preppy as a kid, getting beat up at school, wearing dress clothes, suspenders and a bowtie? – Ellen S

  8. Lawless: it all starts with a skull ring.What did you think this ring was symbolic of? – Lori C

  9. The crew has a lot of enemies?Who was your most hated villain? – Ashley R

  10. Each of these men, King, Bear, and Preppy, were assholes in their actions to try to push these women away.What or why do you think these women didn’t run when they had the chance? – Lori C

  11. Who is your favorite Alpha Male in the series? – Ellen S

  12. There were so many relationships within relationships in these books, from couples to friendships to family.What was your favorite relationship and why? – Lori C

  13. What was the hardest part to read for you? – Ashley R

  14. What made you want to read these books? – Ellen S

  15. Which book cover do you like the best? – Ellen S

  16. What is your favorite book out of the series and why? – Ashley R

  17. Which character do you most relate to and why? – Lori C

  18. Can we discuss the intimate scenes, which one stood out to you? – Ashley R

  19. How did you feel about Doe trying to score a biker?What did you think her story was?What did you think when you found out her identity and family story? – Ashley R

  20. What did you think of Nikki in the beginning and then after when you learned the truth? – Ellen S

  21. Did all the talks of tattoos make you want one or another if you have one?And what would you get? – Ellen S

  22. “I never knew true fear until I met pure evil.He wore a smile and a bow tie.”Do you think Preppy was “pure evil”? – Nicole K

  23. In The Dark Light of Day, could you have taken pictures of yourself like Abby did after her attack? – Ellen S

  24. Overall, what is your rating for this series, and why would you suggest it to someone else? – Nicole K