Law of Moses by Amy Harmon


  1. Let’s talk about Moses. What was your first impression and how did your impression of him change as the book progressed? – C Settle

  2. I loved Moses' "Five Great Things About Today". What did you think about the idea and the theme of gratitude throughout the book? Would you do the "Five Great Things" with you family/spouse, etc? – J Peggs

  3. When Georgia was attacked did you think it would have made an impact on the overall story? Did you have a theory behind it? – A Ruiz

  4. This book is one of my all time favorites because of the emotions it evoked in me. 
    I enjoy heartbreak in my story as well as a happy ending.  What part of the story made you feel the most? – A Ruiz

  5. What do you think of Georgia?  Was she good for Moses? – J Peggs

  6. What do you think of Moses and Tag’s relationship? – A Ruiz

  7. There are many great quotes in The Law of Moses. One of my favorites is "Forgiveness is usually easier than permission." What are some of your favorites? – J Peggs

  8. If you had passed away, what would you show Moses to paint for your loved ones? – C Busick

  9. Do you believe in Moses gift?  Would you visit him if you could? – A Ruiz

  10. How would you react to seeing your ex in an elevator situation like Georgia and Moses? – A Ruiz

  11. Did you ever suspect Moses of committing any crimes aside from the vandalism that he painted? Did you ever suspect him of having a part in the girls who went missing? – C Settle

  12. What were your feelings when learning about what happened to Eli? Do you think Georgia jumped back into her relationship with Moses too quickly after he came back, when he had been gone so long and missed out on so much? – J Willard

  13. Should Georgia have tried harder to tell Moses about the pregnancy? – J Peggs

  14. What did you think of the title? What is the significance of it? Would you have given the book a different title, if so what? – C Busick

  15. What scene did you think was most pivotal for the book? – J Peggs

  16. Who do you picture as Moses, Georgia, and Tag? – A Ruiz

  17. What where your thoughts on the prologue? Who did you think the narrator was? Who did you think was the one to be lost? – A Ruiz

  18. Did anything surprise you? If so, what was the biggest shocker for you? – C Settle

  19. What did you love?  What did you hate?  Overall rating? – C Settle

  20. What did everyone think about how horses were incorporated into this book, and the animal therapy? I LOVED that element; the story at the beginning with the blind man turning into the horse just spoke to me. – J Willard

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