Love Me with Lies by Tarryn Fisher

  1. Were you shocked at Caleb’s confession, or did you see it coming? – Frannie C

  2. How did you feel about Leah? – Frannie C

  3. When Olivia finds out Caleb has “amnesia” should she have told him who she was? – Wynne P

  4. Noah…I feel like h is name alone is a question…How did you feel about Noah?Was it rushed?Did it make sense to you?Did she do the right thing? – Fannie C

  5. This is a thought I had when I finished the series…Olivia couldn’t have children, and Caleb wanted them so badly.Olivia took Jessica to the clinic, and Red lied to him about their baby.I was just so upset about that ending because it was so sad and unfair.I LOVED that Caleb still loved Olivia but it was just so messed up…that being said, What did you think about Olivia’s part in Jessica’s abortion? – Frannie C

  6. Did you think Caleb would really miss the shot? – Wynne P

  7. What were your thoughts about Olivia? – Jessica M

  8. What did you think when Caleb named his and Leah’s little girl Estella? – Wynne P

  9. What were your favorite quotes from the series? – Jessica M

  10. The orange grove…and the time in her office (Thief).I loved that this series wasn’t filled with sex or erotic scenes.I think it was so much more effective like this.Their emotions were more powerful that the description of their actions.What do you think? – Frannie C

  11. What did you think when Caleb showed up at Olivia’s office to ask her to be Leah’s attorney? – Amanda B

  12. What was your initial reaction to the books?Did it hook you immediately, or take some time to get into? – Jessica M

  13. Which character did you relate to the most, and what was it about them that you connected with? – Jessica M

  14. If the books were being adapted into a movie, who would you want to see play what parts? – Jessica M

  15. What did you think about Olivia going to Paris? – Wynne P

  16. How did you feel about the ending?What did you like, what did you not like, and what do you wish had been different? – Jessica M

  17. What was your favorite moment in the series?Your least favorite? – Jessica M

  18. What did you love?What did you hate?What is your star rating? – Cindi S