Mack Daddy
by Penelope Ward

  1.  At the very beginning of the story, we learned about the "DILF" in the school. I knew that this must be the love interest of the story. Did you think it was to be a "new" love interest or did you figure it was and old flame...revisiting? – Tifinie M

  2. As an educator, I can relate to Fran's first day of school chaos. I know that my reaction to finding out that a new student in my class/school was the child of a love interest of mine would set my day spinning for sure. What did you think about Fran's reaction, and how would your action be the same or different? – Tifinie M

  3. Usually when reading I am very good at reading between the lines and knowing where the book is going. I knew that Mack & Frankie were going to end up together, but no idea how. Were you able to see where the book was going, in terms of the affair? – Brittney Z

  4. What did you think about Mack's reaction when Frankie chose not to take advantage of her week pass? – Brittney Z

  5. What life events from you or friends did you draw from? I want him and the neighbor! WOW! – Gaily S

  6. Victor was very understanding throughout, even from the beginning when Frankie first told him about Mack. Do you think that you could do the same in his shoes? Not me! – Brittney Zi

  7. Do you consider Mack and Frankie to have an affair BEFORE she kissed him and knew she was going to chose him? – Nicole K

  8. How do you feel about the dual POV? Do you feel you would have gotten as much out of the story if it was only told by Mack or Frankie? – Nicole K

  9. How do you feel about Torrie's reaction to Mack and Frankie when she finds Frankie in his bed? Do you feel she was a hypocrite due to the affair with his father, and the fact that she too, had a boyfriend? Or was her reaction all due to the fact she was Jonah's teacher? – Nicole K

  10. How did you feel about him leaving Frankie the way he did because Torrie was pregnant? – Britt B

  11. We all notice different things in the characters we read about. Without looking at answers, type the first 3 adjectives that comes to mind when thinking of Frankie. – Britt B

  12. When Frankie first asked Mack to choose her tattoo, what did you think he would choose? Were you surprised by the result? Would you ever let someone else choose a tattoo for you? – Cindi S

  13. Who was your favorite character and why? – Brittney Z

  14.  Ok...they went to a strange guys room and had sex!! No, no, no for me!! Where is the most questionable place you have had sex...because you just couldn't wait? – Cindi S

  15. What did you love about this book?What did you hate? – Cindi S

  16. What would you rate this book and why? – Janet A

  17. What did you think of Mack's stories about Frankie Four Eyes ? And what did you think when Jonah told Frankie that he knew she was Frankie Four Eyes? – Ellen S