by Kate Stewart
  1. Thoughts on the title and cover? – B Zielinski

  2. Would you date/marry a method actor? – P Ikeme

  3. How did you all picture Mila and/or her mom? I did audio and the 'french' accents were wonderful in my opinion so just curious how others 'saw' them? – S Sobolak

  4. There were times that the flashbacks got confusing for me. I felt like I had missed something a few times. Normally, I don't mind a few flashbacks, but the back and forth had me confused sometimes. Anyone else have this happen? Do you think that it lends itself to the story? – B Zielinski, J Machuga and S Sobolak

  5. "Every time I'm inside my wife, I feel better, stronger, and worshiped, even if it's short-lived. I am loved by her in a way no other woman could ever master. Mila is the answer, my answer."  In the beginning of this story did you ever feel Lucas's relationship with Mila was unhealthy? – C Busick

  6. What really happened with Blake? – P Ikeme

  7. Did you get confused over Lucas' transformation into Blake? I know it was method acting, but it almost reminded me of split personality. What are your thoughts? J Machuga

  8. Could you date someone who had sex scenes and major kisses with other women? – S Sobolak

  9. I think I missed what Blake's secret was...did anyone else figure it out? – J Machuga

  10. Did you think Lucas was too controlling? Made her put her job on back burner then mad when she looked into picking it back up? etc. – S Sobolak

  11. The scene where Mila is talking with Blake, was that Lucas? – P Ikeme

  12. I totally pictured Paul Walker in my mind as Lucas. Did you picture anyone in particular during this book? – J Machuga

  13. Do you think it's fair that Lucas didn't tell Mila the intensity of his acting techniques earlier? – P Ikeme

  14. "How do you trust, rely on, love, and build all the while keeping your sense of self?" This quote really stood out to me. Did any quote stand out to you? – P Ikeme

  15. I never really got pulled into the "celebrity" romance books, but this one really got to me. I absolutely loved Mila and Lucas. Do you think that if you were to meet and fall in love with a celebrity that you would be able to handle it? The love scenes? The women always wanting your husband?  - J Machuga

  16. Method acting is pretty controversial. It can be very dangerous for the actor. What are your thoughts on it? – J Machuga

  17. For those of you who read DRIVE, did you freak having the appearance of Stella and Reid? – J Machuga

  18. Why did Lucas (and Mila) choose to wait to discuss all he found out about Blake’s pain with Amanda? – E Etufugh

  19. Did you consider the broken rules by Lucas cheating? – E Etufugh

  20. How would you describe Mila’s relationship with her mother? Is it a close one? – E Etufugh

  21. Mila’s father was a psychiatrist. Why do you think Mila didn’t use him as a resource in helping Lucas or helping herself since it’s apparent Lucas was teetering on disaster? – E Etufugh

  22. Would you consider some of Lucas’s sexual advances towards Mila while in character dubious consent given her reluctance to engage with the personality? – E Etufugh

  23. Why did Lusas visit his old sweetheart, the big shot divorce lawyer? – P Nasby

  24. How many stars will you give to Method? What did you love? What did you hate? – N King


Jennifer Yeager I loved this book. I gave it 5 stars because at no point was I bored. It held my interest and the ending was not a let down. The writing was excellent. Plus, it was just different. The story was unique. There were times I was frustrated and wanted the characters to make different choices but that’s with any book.

Shannon Messer I thought it was a good read, 4 stars. Sometimes I would get mixed up with the chronological order of the storyline.