Midnight Sun
by Stephenie Meyer
  1.  If you have read the Twilight series, do you feel that having Edwards POV added anything to the story for you? – C Settle

  2. Did your opinion on Edward change from your when you read Twilight? – M Beal

  3. What are your thoughts on Edward Cullen, creepy or romantic? Where's the line? which things fall on which side of the line? (Also Holy insta love BATMAN!) – J Krakover

  4. Stephanie Meyer said there are at least 2 more Twilight books coming. After reading Midnight Sun whose POV would you like to see next and why? – J Krakover, A Halpin

  5. Was anyone else surprised to know about Rosalie’s hurt that Edward didn’t want her, or knowing she was created in hopes of being Edward’s partner? Also the sister from Denali wanted him and he didn’t want her. – M Myers

  6. A lot of people think Bella is kind of dull, did your thoughts of her improve, stay the same or did you view her more harshly after seeing her from Edward's POV? – J Krakover

  7. I wonder why Jasper’s powers were downplayed so much in the original Twilight. Edwards description of what Jasper did in the clearing to mitigate the situation was so much more detailed on what Jasper could actually do. – M Myers, S Sobolak

  8. I felt a lot of the scenes and memories of Edwards past had already been covered/told to Bella in Twilight. What part if Edwards past would you have loved to read about as it happened, rather than a brief flashback? – A Halpin

  9. If you could have one Vampire trait from the Twilight/Midnight Sun universe what would it be and why? – J Krakover, A Halpin

  10. I enjoyed learning how Emmett came to be part of the family, what was your favorite “insider secret” that we didn’t know about from Twilight? – M Myers

  11. Since Edward is a mind reader, who's head did you enjoy invading and reading their thoughts? – A Halpin

  12. With respect to my previous question above, I attended a private chat (me and a hundred or so folks who entered her what's your favorite bookstore and why contest) with Stephanie Meyer last week and she said the next book would be part Reneesme and part Leah's POVs which I thought was interesting. This might be a fun talking point too for folks who have read the whole series. – J Krakover

  13. Rene was an open book but Charlie was harder to read and the two made Bella who was impossible to read. How do you think Charlie would be gifted if he was turned into a vampire? And I picture Rene as a similar version of Alice, peppy and constantly in motion. – A Halpin

  14. Via Edwards thoughts Angela was portrayed as an angel. A little overdone in my humble opinion. Can someone be this pure thinking and nice all the time? Or can filtering thoughts and actions not be the definition of being a nice person/friend? – A Halpin

  15. The length of the book was huge and I though it might be the whole series. Do you think a significant part if the book could have been cut? What parts would you cut and why? – A Halpin

  16. Did you read the leaked partial midnight sun years ago? Whats your comparison of the two? – A Halpin

  17. What other alternative POV books have you read? What was your favorite and why? – A Halpin

  18. Some people think Edward/Bellas relationship is unhealthy, now that you are reading from a possible 10+ year age gap and life experience from previous, and from Edwards POV - whats your view on this now? – A Halpin

  19. One amazon review said they felt Meyers passion for the story/project was missing. Did you think this while reading? I did think at some places that there was a 'going through the motions' element of covering the Twilight book. – A Halpin

  20. Did anyone else struggle getting through it? I desperately wanted to be transported back to my teen years where I was infatuated. Didn’t happen for me. Perhaps because I’m in my 30s now. Lol - Anonymous

  21. Bella seemed way more clutzy and desperate in this version or is it just me confusing books with the movies? – S Sobolak

  22. In the first chapter, Edward reveals his feelings on the humans around him. Was anyone else shocked to know how much he thought about killing those at school? – B Jones

  23. Did the way you felt about Edward originally change after seeing his side? – B Jones

  24. Favorite scene in this book versus original twilight? – S Sobolak

  25. The cover! Although it pretty and it matches the series...whats the deal with the pomegranate? There was one line 'Every word we spoke - each one was a new pomegranate seed' I have no idea what that means! I felt it was thrown in to make the cover work. What do you think? – A Halpin

  26. Hah......controversial question.. Edward is what...90 years old? 100? If he had been turned into a vampire at age 55, and lived the additional 45 years as a vampire, would we all swoon over the gorgeous rich smooth talker who falls in love with the 17 year old? Or does the face of a 17 year old make it all okay? Or just easy for YA readers to pretend he really is 17? – A Halpin

  27. Team Jacob would have been disappointed with this book. Does Jacob deserve his backstory and POV book? – A Halpin

  28. Let's talk about price The ebook in the UK was £10.99 The most expensive ebook I've ever seen or considered. I got the paperback on special for €12. Do you think a mass selling potential number one ebook should have priced lower for accessibility to readers? If this one was about the fans, as it was claimed to be, then why such a high margin? – A Halpin

  29. I sort of thought this book was mis-sold. Its an alternative POV, which I get. But it was said to explore parts of Edwards Past that we've never seen before (which I felt he had told Bella everything we seen anyway) and give us a new insight to Edward. I also read the ten year anniversary edition 'Life and Death twilight reimgined' Which we got exactly what was promised - The same story. With Midnight Sun, I feel we got the same story again ( third time now) even though it was packaged and sold as something MORE....do you agree or disagree? – A Halpin

  30. Sorry, I'm late, but I just thought of this! Did everyone know Fifty Shades of Grey was actually Twilight Fanfiction? Named Master of the Universe...so, did you enjoy Midnight Sun more or less than Christian's POV in Grey? – N King

  31. Let’s wrap it up!What’s your star rating?What did you love?What did you hate? – N King

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Tabitha N McNamee

Even though it was drawn out I give it 3.5 loved learning more about the other characters and other points of view

Genny Colby

In the end I gave it 4 . Mostly because I love Twilight. But if this has been the first book, I never would have read more. It was not a truly engaging story if you didn’t know the original

Monica Simon

I gave it 1/2. I was a little disappointed with the book. My favorite part of the book was getting to know The Cullens better.