Mud Vein  #discussmudvein
by Tarryn Fisher

  1.  When Senna did not recognize where she was at the beginning of the story, what did you think had happened to her? – Cindi S

  2. How do you feel about Dr. Elgin?Amazing therapist giving Senna what she needed or total psycho? – Tasara V

  3. What was your favorite quote(s) from the book? – Jessica M

  4.  What did you assume the previous relationship had been between Isaac and Senna? – Cindi S

  5. What do you think Senna's mother meant with "You'll feel me in the fall backwards." – Jessica M

  6. When Senna was attached did you ever think it was Isaac? – Pam N

  7. What was your overall impression of Senna? – Autumn T

  8. What did you think of Nick – Jessica M

  9. Your thoughts on the carousel scene? Where did the guy go who was running it, why is there an unattended carousel out in the middle of nowhere, etc.? I love this scene but am so confused and intrigued by it – Darla A

  10. What does your mud vein look like and what does it represent for you? – Tasara V

  11. Did you have any issue with Isaac having a significant other/wife during the course of the book? – Holly H

  12. How did you feel about Isaac taking care of Senna? How would have you reacted? –  Ashley R

  13. What was your theory on who the kidnapper was and the reason behind it? – Ashley R

  14. Can we talk about the ending and that fucking letter? "You loved me so much that I started to love myself”“We are all going to die, but I’m going to die first.In the very last second of my life, I will think of you” – Tasara V

  15. Did anyone look at Isaac's last name (Asterholder) and think that he wasn't real? I looked at it and thought of him being the keeper of the stars and wondered all along what role he truly played in the story. – Errin B