My Not So Perfect Life
by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Katie reinvented herself when she came to London. Changed her name, her hair, her style. How did you feel about this? Is this common for Katie’s age group? Have you ever reinvented yourself? If so, how? ~Cindi S.

  2. What were your thoughts about Demeter and her initial treatment of Katie? Having her saye her hair. Writing a phone number on her project. ~Cindi S.

  3. What did you think of Alex, especially the lunch date that wasn’t a lunch date? ~Mindy I.

  4. Have you ever been let go from a job? How do you think Katie felt? Also, was it similar to how you felt and/or did you try to hide it like she did? ~Christina M.

  5. What were your thoughts about Katie? Did you feel sorry for her at all and the fact that she wanted everyone to think her life is “perfect”? ~Cindi S.

  6. When Katie leaves Cooper Clemmow, she accuses Demeter and Alex of entitlement, making the point that the trajectory of their careers was made easier by their life circumstances. Is that a fair accusation to make? ~Lit Lovers

  7. What were your thoughts about how Katie treated Demeter upon her arrival at Anster Farms? Was it deserving? ~Cindi S.

  8. What does Katie learn about Demeter when she comes to Anster Farm? How do her husband and children seem to relate to her…and she to them? Why does she cry as she nuzzles Carlo the horse? What are those tears about? ~Lit Lovers

  9. What are your thoughts on Katie helping Demeter get a head start and betraying Alex? But then telling Alex where Demeter went? ~Christina M.

  10. Would anyone have ever fallen for that nature walk Katie subjected Demeter to? Would Demeter REALLY not recognize her? And, more importantly, have you ever been glamping? ~Mindy I.

  11. Were you surprised that Katie and Alex ended up together? ~Mindy I.

  12. Who was your favorite character and why? ~Cindi S.

  13. What was your favorite thing about the book? ~Mindy I.

  14. Did you like the book? What rating did you give it? 1-5 stars?~Christina M.

  15. Would you recommend this book to others and if so, why? If not, why? ~Kara M.