1.  At the beginning of the story we learn how Casey came to be a foster child and how she has grown up in “the system”, what are your initial feelings and thoughts about Casey? – Cindi S

  2. Since Tyler brought Casey home to be with Torin, did you find it odd that he also developed feelings for her and made out with her? – Laurie Salemi

  3. Team Tyler or Team Torin? – Olivia D

  4. If Tyler wouldn’t have died do you think Casey and him would be together? – Emily M

  5. What were your initial thoughts on why Tyler wanted and was taking Casey from her foster home? -Jillian B

  6. What was something that you learned or better understood about autism from this book? – Lori C

  7. What were your thoughts on the way Torin and Casey lost their virginity!? – Christina F

  8. Did you figure out Torin 'issue' meaning high functioning autistic, or did you think something else going on? – Sue S

  9. What qualities do you feel made Casey start falling for Torin even though she couldn’t understand his actions at times? – Laurie S

  10. Tyler begged Casey to promise that she wouldn't leave when he was gone. Did you feel confident that she would keep that promise? – Lori C

  11.  What were your thoughts on Torin spying through the slats in the wall? – Lori C

  12. What did you think about the app Casey downloaded for Torin on his phone? – Chrissy B

  13. Tyler knew he was dying, yet brought Casey into his home. Did you find that selfish? Did you feel like he should have told her sooner? Was it fair? – Cindi S

  14. How did you feel about the arcade scene? – Chrissy B

  15. What did you think of what Guy, her mother and her husband did!?  - Christina F

  16. What was your favorite quote from the book? – Dee Moses

  17. Do you think that if Tyler would not have been sick and dying, that he would have found Casey and brought her to live with him and Torin? – Nicole K

  18. What are your thoughts about Casey allowing her mom and her mom’s boyfriend to stay the night? – Jillian B

  19. Thoughts on the sleazebag foster dad trying to get more money? – Gail S

  20. What did you think when Tyler took Casey back to Guy's house due to the caseworker coming to see her? Did you think he was going to leave her there? – Amy C

  21. How did you all feel when finding out it was Tyler and Torins dad that had found her in the manager!? – Christina F

  22. There was a lot of character growth on this book. Which character do you feel grew the most and why? – Cindi S

  23. There was a scene where Torin's mind fought with his body. What were your thoughts on the scene? Do you think you could do it? – Chrissy B

  24. What do you think about Guy, the foster parent? – Jillian B

  25. Did you suspect something was wrong with Tyler? – Brittney Z

  26. How did you feel about Torin taking Casey hostage? – Danielle H

  27. What was the most surprising part of this story for you? What shocked you the most? – Cindi S

  28. Why do you think Torin was able to interact and gain a sense of peace from his cats but he had trouble with human interaction? – Lori C

  29. Horses or cats, which of his pets did you like best? Any thoughts on the types of animals that Torin had or any significance or extra meaning that they may have held? – Jillian B

  30. What did you think about the pennies? – Cindi S

  31. Who was your favorite character? Who was your least favorite character? Why? – Cindi S

  32. What did you love about this story? What did you hate? Overall rating? – Cindi S 

My Torin  #discusstorin
by K Webster


Jillian B 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I loved this book. I loved watching the relationships develop. I loved all of the feels that I got while reading. I also hated all of the feels that I got while reading about Tyler dying.

Gail S Loved it all from verbally yelling at the characters to fist bumping to shouting to goosebumps to heart stopping moments to tears streaming down my face, the little shuttle twists and the full circle it was just wonderful ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️