On the Island
by Tracy Garvis Graves
  1. Just from the title, what did you think the book was about? – J Peggs

  2. Do you think it was easier for TJ or Anna to readjust/re-acclimate to life once they were off the island? Why? – L Connolly

  3. If you were stranded in an island, what would be the one thing you could not live without? – L Connolly

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  5. Together, Anna and TJ managed to stay alive for almost 3 years on a deserted island. Do you think either could have survived alone? Why/why not? – L Connolly

  6. When Anna and TJ ended up on the island, did you predict a love connection would form?  How didi you feel about it in the beginning versus throughout the story? – A Ruiz

  7. What was your first impress of Ann and TJ? – P Nasby

  8. How would the book have been different if TJ had been the one that was 16 years older? Would we still be ok with the love story? – J Helms

  9. Let’s talk about Anna. How would you describe her? What qualities/strengths did she posses that contributed to their successful survival on the island? Did you like her? – L Connolly

  10. Do you think Anna and TJ would have been romantically drawn to each other had they never crashed and fell stranded on an island? – L Connolly

  11. If you where TJ’s parents would you have accepted Anna as well as they did? – P Nasby

  12. Who else kept thinking through this book, how great it would be to see this as a movie? – E Sine

  13. From the discussion questions at the end of the book. After three and a half years of talking to only one person, imagine how overwhelming it would be to try and fit back into society. What do you think would be the most difficult thing to get used to? – A Kossen

  14. I really fell into the story. When they were scared I was scared. When they were losing hope I felt it too. They went through tons of natural disasters. What part of the story stuck out to you the most? – A Ruiz

  15. I am curious what rating you gave this book? And why? I really did not know what to rate it. I loved the author's previous book The Girl He Used To Know. And there were things about On the Island that I liked a lot. IT was a quick enjoyable read. But I was very uncomfortable when the romance started. I gave it 4 stars. – J Kalman

  16. After returning from the island, Anna tried securing her job as a teacher. The principle
    came across as very supportive to her. Do you think if a position was open he would have been so supportive in giving her a chance? Or do think her chances of becoming a teacher would be negatively impacted because of her relationship with TJ. As a parent how would you feel if she was assigned to your child’s classroom? – L Connolly

  17. Uncharted is a companion novella to On the Island. It features a character named Owen Sparks and a brief plug made appearance at the ending of this story. Would you be interest in reading this and hearing more from Anna and TJ? How do you envision these two stories connecting? – L Connolly

  18. While you were reading this, did you envision any particular actor and actress for the roles of Anna and TJ? – J Machuga

  19. How would you have reacted if you received a call from someone you thought was dead? Would you have reacted like the parents and sister? – P Nasby

  20. How did you feel about TJ sleeping with the collage girl. Do you think there was any value in adding this? And if Anna had found out, do you think she would have been ok with it or do you think she would have felt betrayed? Do you think their relationship could have survived that? – L Connolly

  21. Did you think TJ's cancer would come back? How do you think that would have played out? – P Ikeme

  22. Was there anything that was so far-fetched that you were like, seriously?! – C Settle


Lori Hines Connolly I gave it a 4. I didn’t love the romance but understood it. Parts I thought were really believable and realistic and then other parts not so much. I think both Anna, TJ and even their families to easily settled back to reality upon their return. I think there would have been a much more difficult time assimilating and reacclimating to the old life with relationships, interacting with others, going from utter solitude to the rat race had to have been difficult but it seemed too easy. I like the characters and liked how well the complimented each other in the team sense...

Jayce Nichole Cruz I gave it 5 ⭐️ if it can keep me up reading in the middle of the night, then it must be a good one.