Discussion Questions
One of Us is Lying  #discusslying

  1. What details shocked or surprised you most? – Janette P

  2. Jane knew all along what Simon was up to.Do you think she could have prevented Simon from doing what he did? -Mariya P

  3. Who did you think had more motives to kill Simon? – Praise I

  4. What did you think of Nate and Bronwyn’s relationship?I really like the end! – Mariya P

  5. Did you want more development with Addy and TJ?Would you have wanted to read more about their relationship/friendship? – Mariya P

  6. What character/clique did you relate to the most when you were in high school? – Ashley Ruiz

  7. What did you think of Nate’s mom?What about Cooper’s dad? – Mariya P

  8. What character do you feel evolved the most? – Nicole K

  9. What as your own theory on how Simon’s death? – Praise I

  10. Do you feel it was unfair for Cooper to be in a relationship with Keely considering his sexuality?Do you think he should have been single instead of being in a relationship with Kris and Keely at the same time? – Mariya P

  11. When did you figure out Simon was behind his own death? – Nicole K

  12. Who do you feel had the most to lose once their secret came out and why? – Laurie S

  13. What do you think about the reasons for Simon died? – Aarushi S

  14. Anyone have any favorite quotes or excerpts from this book? – Nikole E

  15. Who was your favorite character?Who was your least favorite character? – Cindi S