Pucked Up

by Helena Hunting

  1. What was your first impression of Miller? – Cindi S

  2. I just have to know.. did Sunny annoy the hell out of anyone else or was that just me? – Olivia D

  3. What are your thoughts on Lance? – Gail S

  4. Do you think Sunny had the right to be concerned about the photos that kept popping up on social media? Especially the ones from camp? – Cindi S

  5. What was your first impression of Sunny’s ex?  Bushman Tiny Dick as Miller called him. – Ellen S

  6. There were a lot of funny, laugh your ass off moments in this book! Did you have a favorite, funny scene? – Cindi S

  7. Social media perceptions played a big role in the relationship between Miller/Sunny and historically between Alex/Violet. In the works of social media, do you have specific do/don’t when it comes to what you allow to be posted about you or your children? Do you have limits on what you post or do not post? – Britt B

  8. What did you think of the step-sibling relationship between Miller and Violet? – Cindi S

  9. What was is about Sunny that made Miller want to change his ways? – Cindi S

  10. What was it about Miller that made Sunny look past the social media perception of him? – Cindi S

  11. Favorite supporting character?  Why?  - Olivia D

  12. What did you think about Sunny going camping with Lily and the boys? Did you think she was considering getting back together with Kale? Trying to make Miller jealous? Or just to get away? Whatever your answer, was her decision right or wrong? – Cindi S

  13. I really felt sorry for Randy, when he admitted in the following quote, that he couldn’t remember his first kiss:  “You know, I don’t even remember my first kiss.  There’s been so many girls. I can’t keep track anymore.”  Do you remember yours?  Care to share your moment?  These are usually cute, awkward, and bring a hint of a smile. – Tifinie M

  14. What did you think of the humor in this book? Did you lol? Was it too over the top? Were you shocked? Was it a nice change? – Cindi S

  15. Let’s talk about Alex!!! Was he right to be so overprotective of Sunny? Did he overreact or was he just being a good big brother? – Cindi S

  16. Do you think too much emphasis was put on Miller’s charity work just to redeem him? Like as if to say he couldn’t possibly be a bad person because he does charity work. – Rebecca L

  17. If you were in Sunny’s position and your boyfriend missed his flight due to dyslexia, how would you react? Does he get a pass? Or is it a one time use excuse? – Rebecca L

  18. If you read Pucked Up as a standalone specifically for discussion day, do you feel like you missed out on anything by not reading Pucked? – Cindi S

  19. Overall rating?  What did you love, what did you hate? – Cindi S



Amanda Kossen I gave it 4⭐️ but it was probably my least favorite of the entire series. It was really enjoyable still.

Lori Hines Connolly I gave it a 3. Overall it was a cutesy, sexy, romance....