Cindi's Review of 

25 Reasons to Hate Christmas and Cowboys

by Elle Thorpe

I love a good Christmas story and this one did not disappoint. It has the plot of a hallmark story complete with the heroine visiting from Australia and the over-the-top Christmas celebrations. What this book has that hallmark doesn’t, you ask? A sexy hero, funny flirtation and hot sexy smut. It was a great balance of everything I love about romance and Christmas books!  


Cindi's Review of 

Santa Baby, I Want A Bad Boy For Christmas

by Justine Elvira

It was a short, sweet and quick read. Some hot sex scenes but that’s about it. It didn’t really have much content and seemed to abruptly end.

Nothing Hidden.jpg

Cindi's Review of 

Nothing Hidden Every Stays

by HR Mason

I will admit, I was a little skeptical about this book. I am mostly a romance reader with some psychological thrillers thrown in there every now and then. The author sent me a copy of this book, not for a review but gifted it to me to get this book out there. Let me just say that I loved it! It was equal parts creepy, believable (if your a believer) and intriguing. I thought Aubrey was a very strong female character and although she was guarded initially, it was nice to see her flourish a bit. The author did a fantastic job of incorporating the past with the present and in reminding the reader of specific circumstances surrounding each of Aubrey’s ancestors. The author kept me interested and engaged, she made me feel what Aubrey was feeling and she threw in a few twists and turns when I least expected it. Go read this book!


Cindi's Review of 

With You Were Here

by Renee Carlino

I liked that this book gave us something a little different. While I did not care much for Charlotte, I did love Adam and Seth. I loved how understanding and kind Seth was when it came to Adam. I had a hard time feeling the connection between any of the characters. The writing was good and the plot was unique.


Cindi's Review of 

We Shouldn't

by Vi Keeland

I loved this book!! It was a fun and quick read. I was engaged from the start and didn’t want to put it down. It was exactly what I needed. Annalise was a strong female character with a lot of spunk while Bennett was an asshole who was competing with her for the same job. Their banter was funny, their relationship was hot and cold and they made me feel throughout their story. Pick up this book!


Cindi's Review of 

Share Me

by Ker Dukey and K Webster

I have mixed feelings about this book. The sex scenes and the fantasy of sharing is smoking hot. These authors never fail to please in that department. However, the fantasy of them all feeling how they felt about one another and being one big happy family was something I just am not buying. The characters were not very well developed and Clove was not very convincing as a character who would be willing to share herself with these men. There were some loose ends that I felt were not tied up as nicely as I would have liked.

When Ashes Fall.jpg

Cindi's Review of 

When Ashes Fall

by Marni Mann

I loved the uniqueness of this book. It was so well written and so authentic and engaging. I was hooked from the beginning and didn’t want to stop reading. Alix is so relatable and I just hurt for really hurt for her. This love triangle is about letting go of the past and looking to the future. It is about healing, friendship and love. A great book that should be devoured!'s easy.


Cindi's Review of 


by Kiera Cass

As I suspected, this book had a lot of familiar elements. It was an enjoyable read overall but it is very similar to The Selection with the rolls reversed. Eadlyn is a hard character to like as she comes off snobbish and too good to be surrounded by commoners. I am hopeful that her experiences thus far soften her just a tad to open herself up to sharing her life with someone other than her kingdom. I have my favorite and I hope she finds him in the next book. I have my guesses where the next book will take me and I hope to be pleasantly surprised.