Regretting You
by Colleen Hoover
  1. The characters were so easy to relate to. Is there any character that you related to? – B Williamson

  2. In Chapter 1 Chris says to Morgan: "You're a sacrificer. I don't even know if that's a real word, but that's what you are. You do things you don't want to do to make life better for the people around you." Do you know a sacrificer? Or are you a sacrificer? How do you feel about the sacrificer of being a sacrificer? – C Busick

  3. Clara describes Morgan as predictable. What word would your kids use about you? (And if you have asked, please state so!) – B Basse

  4. We get not just one book boyfriend and one lovestory with Regretting You. We get two. 1) Which do you love the most, Miller or Jonah - and why? 2) Which lovestory do you like the most and why? – B Basse

  5. Do you think Morgan should have told Clara earlier? What would you have done? – P Ikeme

  6. I automatically did not like Chris. What was your first impression of him, and his relationship with Morgan? – N King

  7. Have you ever had a friend from your childhood that you look back and think, "I regret not being with him/her?" – N King

  8. Let's talk about Gramps! What did he add to the story? – B Basse

  9. What do you think of the cover, now that you know the story? – B Basse

  10. If you were in Morgan's shoes, would you have wanted to keep Chris' and Jenny's affair a secret from Clara? Would protecting your daughter from other people's mistakes be worth losing her? – M Christensen

  11. I have a teenager so I get the teen angst but I found myself getting so frustrated with Clara. And I’m the end I’m not sure I completely got over my frustration with her. I think I was still angry. Did you feel the turnaround for Clara was complete and you loved her at the end or were you like me and still a little angry with her for her behavior? I’m feeling guilt over this if you can’t tell. – E Beagle

  12. Do you feel that Clara would feel the same emptiness as Morgan with being made to choose a different path in life? – T Mabins

  13. Could you ignore your feelings for someone like Morgan did for so long and never even give it a chance or tell the person how you felt? – E Klotz

  14. Was anyone else waiting on a twist? Like some proof that it wasn't an affair, but something else maybe? – S Sobolak

  15.  I felt like the point of view change really made the story so much better. Did anyone else find the change between Morgan and Clara a good part of the story? – B Williamson

  16. Do you feel the affair was going on even when they were in high school?  - M Donohue

  17. There was no mention of how the accident happened, or if there was another vehicle involved. I imagine Chris and Jenny discussing the text messages and Chris becoming distracted. What do you think caused it? – B Williamson

  18. Do you think Clara judged her mom too harshly when she found out about Jonah compared with how she reacted after finding out about her dad? – P Ikeme

  19. Why do you think Jenny lied and claimed Jonah (in particular) was the father of her child? Do you think she roped him into their lives again intentionally? – K Rotella

  20. “Clara isn’t struggling because Chris is no longer here. She’s struggling because he’s never coming back. There’s a difference.” There’s so much grief in this story. Who did you feel the most for in relation to their grief, and why?– B Basse

  21. Jenny sent a text to Clara: “You don’t want to be the other girl. Trust me.” Did you guess the affair at that point or not? Did you predict it at some other time? – B Basse

  22. Would you like to have read the story from Jonah and Miller's perspective? – P Ikeme

  23. Would you have moved on to Jonah after going through everything with the affair? – B Williamson

  24. At what point did you think Chris was the real father?  - T Mabins

  25. Morgan chose not to tell Clara the truth about the accident. Would you have made the same decision or do you feel she was old enough to know the truth? – P Ikeme and B Williamson

  26. Losing the v-card is talked about a few times before Clara decides to do what she can to get Miller over and get some kind of revenge over her mother Miller. That whole scene? Thoughts and opinions? – B Basse

  27. I really loved Miller. He was such a strong, supportive character. Who did you enjoy? – B Williamson

  28.  I was a little shocked when Jonah showed up at the hospital. I just knew something was off when the nurses didn't act right. Did anyone else think that they were having an affair because they were in the car together? – B Williamson

  29. What is your favorite quote? – B Basse

  30. Should Morgan have read the letters? – N King, P Ikeme, and B Williamson

  31. Through grief and heartbreak, this book is about a second chance. Do you believe this was a second chance book?  - B Williamson

  32. Has anyone ever made a huge gesture or done something sweet for you like Miller did for Clara with the video? If so, what was it? – E Klotz

  33. “I think that’s the problem. Teenagers think their parents should have it all figured out, but the truth is, adults don’t really know how to navigate life any better than teenagers do. Your father made some big mistakes, but the things he did wrong in his life shouldn’t discredit all the things he did right. Same goes for your aunt Jenny.” 1)Do you agree? Don’t adults know how to navigate life better than teenagers? 2)And would you, being in Morgan’s shoes, be able to say one should not discredit all the things her husband did right? – B Basse

  34. What is your opinion about the decision that the author made about the letters? I was personally very upset about this choice. – J Kalman

  35. What was your favorite part of the book? I thought moving the city limit sign was to cute. Nice funny part in a serious book. – P Nasby

  36. Do you guys feel like this book needed an epilogue? And what would you have wanted included in it? – J Kalman

  37. I do not read book blurbs many times until after reading a book. Did you read the blurb for this one before reading the book? And do you feel like it was too spoilerish? – J Kalman

  38. Overall rating?  What did you love?  What did you hate? – C Settle

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Megan Phillips ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I loved the two story lines and the two love stories, I loved that Morgan was able to get a second chance at love and be loved by someone like Jonah. I have a man like Jonah in my life, my second chance ❤️ I hated how Clara treated her mom. I hated that Morgan didn't tell Clara the truth for so long but I'm so glad that she did and that Clara was able to understand everything that happened. She was trying to be very understanding after she found out and I give her credit for that ❤️

Mette L. Christensen I gave it ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 stars. I was over the moon for most part of the book. I absolutely loved Miller and what I knew of Jonah, I liked, too. I just didn't get to know him enough. I liked the mother/daughter relationship seen from different points of view. It was interestingly written. But somewhere along the way the book started to lose its pace and became repetetive. The inner monologues of especially Morgan started to bore me and I actually started only skimming the pages. And I didn't care too much for Clara and her actions.