by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Q1.  When Blake was a teenager, she snuck out to the treehouse and got off on Zach’s leg! What did you think of her being so bold as to sneak up into the treehouse, in her underwear, knowing he was expecting his girlfriend?  Cindi S

Q2.  What were your initial impressions about Blake? Did you love her? Hate her? Did your opinion of her change by the end of the book?  Cindi S

Q3.   Ash made it very clear to Zach from the beginning that Blake was off limits. Do you think Ash could tell that Zach was interested in Blake from the beginning and that’s why he was so adamant about Zach staying away from Blake? do you think Zach would have acted on his feelings when they were younger if Ash wouldn’t have made that threat ?  Michelle M

Q4.  Did the parallels to a real celebrity draw you to the book or make it harder for you to get into the story? (I loved it, I was trying to find all the tie ins and lyrical references)?  Michelle M

Q5.  In the beginning of Reputation it opens up about Blake's love issues. Her reputation is falling because of all her breakups. Taylor and Bruce tell her she needs to be in love and her fans need to see it. How do you feel about them saying it should be Zach Parker? The first guy she fell for. Do you think Zach will go for it?  Brittany W

Q6.  What where your first thoughts about Zach and Ash and their attitude towards Blake? Meagan B

Q7.  What do you think is happening with Taylor and Ash? Do you think it’s the same situation as Blake and Zack (Taylor has loved Ash forever and Ash is Fighting it)? I think Ash doesn’t want to fall for his sister’s best friend (or he already has) and that’s why he has a huge stick up his ass! Michelle M

Q8.  The first paragraph got me, I had to put the book down. Has any else gone through Being judged for what you say or what you’ve done or haven’t done, or even what you are wearing, having your words or actions twisted, or making up stories for their own benefit no matter how much it hurts you.
Do you feel like you have a target on your back.
I have many, many times by my own mother, she made my life a living hell when growing up. I couldn’t wait to turn 18 because that’s when she lost her controlling hold on me, but it didn’t keep her from running her mouth. I have disowned her about 25 yrs. Ago and ties cut and I never look back, it has made me a strong women  Dee M

9. What was your favorite Blake and Zach scene and why?  Lori C

Q10.  Do you think Zach and Blake should have told Ash? Do you think it would have been better to tell him and not keep sneaking around? Mariya P

Q11.   Will there be a sequel to Reputation and will Ash get his own book ? Heather M

Q12.  Nick names - baby Blake/ Blake baby...I must say I wasn’t a fan of either nick name. What did you think about them? Mariya P

Q13.  Blake is definitely not the typical outwardly strong and confident person, in spite of her fame. What’s one example of where you found her to have more strength than she let on or that you were expecting? Rebecca S

Q14.  It’s you’re turn to be the author and I’ve given you the set-up... I think we can all agree that we disagree with how Ash handled his feelings about B&Z, but now you’re the author and Ash is your character and you have to defend/explain his actions!

Get into his head and tell me what he was thinking. Tell us why, in his mind, he felt justified doing what he did!

The only rule: You can’t make him gay lolz😂 #tooeasy

 Rebecca S

Q15.  What were your initial thoughts about Zack? Do you love him hate him? Did your opinion of him change as the story progressed?  Cindi S

Q16.  Do you think that Zach could have tried to come up with another solution when he was told to break up with her on stage by Bruce and Ash? What would you have done in his place?  Chrissy B

Q17.  Being constantly surrounded by gossip, fame, fans, paparazzi and different people’s expectations, how did Blake stay grounded and true to herself? Mariya P

Q18.  Not much was mentioned about Zach’s past when it comes to girlfriends. Would you have wanted to read about his relationships? Mariya P

Q19.  Let’s talk about the on-stage break up! What were your thoughts? What did you feel?  Cindi S

Q20.  Favorite quote from Reputation?  Mariya P

Q21.  Who was your favorite character and why?  Cindi S

Q22.  Blake’s Reputation was as stake because of her numerous failed relationships, how would you have done about redeeming Blake?  Cindi S

Q23.  Overall rating!!! What did you love? What did you hate?  Cindi S



Jayce Nichole Cruz ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ loved everything! The music, the characters, all of the secondhand embarrassment. It’s my fav book from her for now

Amanda Brooke 3 🌟 for me. The story was well written but all the TS references annoyed me (too many). Some things that Blake and Zach said to each other came out really corny in my opinion but I loved how the story played out and loved the part where he showed up to her concert and expressed his feelings.