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Sharp Objects

by Gillian Flynn


  1. What was your first impression of Camille? How did your opinion change as you learned more about her?  Cindi S

  2. Does Camille deliberately sabotage her relationship with Richard? Could they have made a good couple?  Kaitlin D

  3. Did you guess any of the twist?  I did not see any coming.  Joanna G

  4. Let’s talk about Amma! Did your impression of her get better or worse as the story proceeded?  Cindi S

  5. Does Amma feel real affection for Camille? What are her motives for getting closer to Camille?  Kaitlin D

  6. What are your feelings on Camille cutting herself?  Pam N

  7. This book is a book about mental illness. Do you think the author did a good job of representing that?  Jessica W

  8. What similarities do you see between Camille and Amma? What similarities do you think Camille sees?  Kaitlin D

  9. Why is Amma so obsessed with her dollhouse? What significance does it hold for her?  Kaitlin D

  10. What did you think of the ending? Both the final plot twist and Camille's ending?  Jessica W

  11. What is the theme/ moral of this book? How and in what way did this book speak to you?  Jessica W

  12. Why does Camille allow herself to be poisoned by Adora?  Kaitlin D

  13. Why do you think Adora took Camille shopping knowing that she would want to stay covered? Why did Camille agree?  Cindi S

  14. At the end of the book, Camille isn’t certain of her answer to one key question: "Was I good at caring for Amma because of kindness? Or did I like caring for Amma because I have Adora’s sickness?" What is your opinion?  Kaitlin D

  15. Why do you think Camille finally allowed someone to see her scars? Why was she so self- conscious about her scars around others but allowed John to see them and touch them?   Cindi S

  16. Who was your initial suspect in the murders?  Why?  Cindi S

  17. Was there ever a time that you felt sorry for any of these characters? If so, who and why?  Cindi S

  18. Did you find yourself more interested in who committed the murders or in what was going to happen to Camille, Amma and the other characters?   Cindi S

  19. Who was your favorite character and why? Who was your least favorite character and why? Cindi S

  20. Overall rating?  What did you love?  What did you hate?  Cindi S

  21. Why do you think Richard couldn’t be with Camille?  Connie C

  22. If you were to write a sequel, what would you write about? What would happen to Camille? Amma? Adora? The other girls?  Cindi S


Lori Hines Connolly. I was torn. I gave it a 3. I felt the writing was good and overall the characters were well developed but not really believable. The pace was a little too slow for me, the first half I easily lost interest and forced myself to get back to things. It was depressing... maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset, lol

Kimberly Estep Picklesimer ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Kept me guessing until the very end! I highly recommend watching the min series on HBO, as well. Gillian Flynn worked with the directors and it is perfectly aligned with the book.

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