Silent Victim
by Caroline Mitchell 

Q1. In the beginning, what did you think had happened to Luke’s body? Cindi S

Q2: What did you think of Emma? Victim or crazy stalker? Janette P

Q3 - Mersea Island, cut off from the world at high tide, thick fog rolling in nightly...could you live this isolated? Nicole K

Q4. Did you ever feel any sympathy toward Luke? If so, when? Cindi S

Q5: What did you think about Emma’s sister? Janette P

Q6- Do you feel like Alex was justified in getting a paternity test for Jamie? Was he reaction and following actions what you expected out of him? Nicole K

Q7. Theories! Throughout this book my theories about it all changes multiple times. Share with us all the theories you had. Britt B

Q8. Did anyone else figure out that Theresa had a hand in the burial of the body? She was never told where to dig, but knew exactly where to dig. Luke was still alive and Theresa & Emma’s mother was the only one in the story that was missing. So I figured Theresa was the one that killed her.....nope I was wrong. Dee M

Q9. Do you think Emma should have come clean about the extent of her relationship with Luke to her husband sooner? Cindi S

Q10: How do you think Emma's mother's treatment of her affected her life? Janette Peggs

Q11 - Was there ever a time in the book, where you thought, "Emma is making this all up"? Nicole K

Q12: Did anyone else see Luke as a pedophile?  Dee M

Q13 - Poor Emma, can we discuss her eating disorder and the effects on her life.  Nicole K

Q14. What did you think of Alex meeting Luke at the pub? Cindi S

Q15. What shocked you the most?  Cindi S

Q16. What did you love about this book? What did you hate? Overall star rating? Cindi S.

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I loved that it kept me guessing until the very end. It’s not often I come across a book that surprises me the way this one did. I didn’t hate a thing. 
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Autumn T