Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward


Q1: How did you feel about Elec's first time meeting his step mom and Greta? Did you like him?  Brittany W

Q2:  What did you love about Elec?  What did you hate?  Cindi S

Q3: How did you feel about Greta seeing Elec naked for the first time? Was it strange for her to act that way? What about Elec? Brittany W

Q4:When Elec arrived Randy started talking rudely to Elec. How do you feel about the way Randy spoke to Elec when he first arrived and days after? Brittany W

Q5: When Elec sent his book for Greta to read how did you think it was going to end? Olivia D

Q6: Did you think Elec and Greta would end up having sex while he was there? How did you feel when they finally did because he was leaving? Brittany W

Q7 - What are your feelings towards Chelsea? Nicole K

Q8:  How did you feel about Greta? Good/bad? Brittany W

Q9: We all knew that there was something up with Randy & Elec. When Elec sent Greta her book it started out with Elec telling about his father. How did you feel when he wrote that Randy wasn't actually his father but his brother? Brittany W

Q10 - How do you feel about the relationship between Randy and Elec and what Elec went through? Nicole K

Q 11. What did you think about Elec's jealousy when they were at the casino? Ellen  S

Q12. Who was your favorite character and why?  Cindi S

Q13. Have you read other Penelope Ward books? If so, how did this one compare. Was there something you liked or didn’t like about this one compared to others?  Lori C

Q14. What one word would you use to describe Elec O’Rourke? And what word would you use to describe Greta Hansen?  Lori C

Q15. There were so many angsty and sad scenes in this story. What one broke you?  Lori C

Q16. We all saw firsthand how poorly Randy treated Elec, yet it wasn’t really clear to me why he did so. It seemed like he was always disappointed in him and let him know that and even made him feel worthless. Why do you think Randy acted this way as opposed to loving him unconditionally like a brother would?  Lori C

Q17 - Who do you think sent the text, and what is the significance of 22?  Nicole K

18. One if the themes of this book was forbidden romance, yet I didn’t find this to be offensive nor was I weirded out by this romance, perhaps because they were older when they met. What are your thoughts? Would you recommend this book to someone who may be somewhat squeamish about this type of topic?  Lori C

Funny coincidence...Did Greta have a cameo in Stuck Up Suit? A girl wrote into Ask Ida and signed “Gretchen”... the question concerned her stepbrother “Alec”....just saying.  Nicole K

Q20. Who was your least favorite character and why?  Cindi S

Q21: Will anyone be checking out Neighbor Dearest to see what happens with Chelsea? I'm excited to see where her story will go. She got the sucky end of the deal.  Brittany W

Q22. What was your overall rating? What did you like? Dislike? Brittany W



Jennifer Croasdale It was a 4 for me. It kept me interested and there was nothing totally far fetched that I couldn't believe would ever happen. I would have like the story to go a bit beyond where it ended, but the epilogue helped 



Ellen Shingleton 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 based on the chemistry between Greta and Elec from the word go ...