Stuck-Up Suit 
by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
  1. What was your first impression of Graham?  Did your view of him change throughout the book?  Cindi S

  2. Who was your favorite character?  Why?  Janette P

  3. I overall liked Soraya.  I liked her sass and her spunk and I somewhat understood her issues and reservations.  However, it annoyed the crap out of me the way she took matters into her own hands and “cheated” on Graham.  Communication is key.  How would you have handled it?  Mette C

  4. What was your first impression of Soraya?  Did you view of her change as the story progressed?  Cindi S

  5. Put yourself in Graham’s shoes for a minute.  How do you think you would have handled finding out Chloe was yours?  Brittney Z

  6. What did you think of Genevieve?  Brittney Z

  7.  I was a little flabbergasted that Graham put Soraya’s name on his chest. The tattoo of the feather is one thing but her name too. Would you ever get someone’s name tattooed on you after 2 months? Michelle M

  8. What did you think of the Ask Ida column and how Graham used it to get Soraya’s attention?  Michelle M

  9. I never come out for discussion on a DNF book because I don’t think its fair for me to have a strong opinion on the book as a whole but I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and gonna ask a question.Did you find this a character-based book or a plot based other words...why did you keep reading? For the characters or the story line?  Adele H

  10. Did you all love special appearance of Gretchen and Elec?  I like when authors put characters in books from other books.  Brittney Z

  11. Soroya’s dad comes visiting. He answers her direct question from earlier: Had he stayed with the mother if Theresa hadn’t loved him back? Or if perhaps he had never met her. He says, he thought about it a lot, and the bottomline is, that if he had never met Theresa there’s a chance he would still be married to the mother. He said, he doesn’t regret falling in love with Theresa but he is so sorry for hurting her. Soroya argues that the love for your children should always come first. The dad replies “Sometimes life throws you a curveball …and we have to make decisions if we want to be true to ourself or honorable to those we love.”

  12. What do you think about this? And her father?  Britt B

  13. Can we talk about how Genevieve didn’t even bat an eyelash that her husband died?  And immediately tried to have Graham back in the picture.  How would you have handled Graham and his immediate need to spend time with Chloe (and Gretchen), did you agree like how Sorya handled it?  Ashley R

  14. Did you have any LOL moments?  If so, what were they?  Cindi S

  15. There wasn’t really a big twist but this book really wasn’t what I expected. It really gave me the warm and fuzzies the whole time. Was anyone as surprised by how the story played out or was it just me?  Stacey W

  16. What were your thoughts on Graham’s and Soraya’s relationship?  Was it believable?  Did you feel their connection?  Cindi S

  17. Overall impressions?  What did you love?  What did you hate?  Cindi S

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Amanda Brooke I agree with Sue Bryant. This book though I didn't love but I didn't hate it either. I love books that have alot of depth and that make me think. This was more of a predictable read although there were a couple of surprises for me. I did enjoy the banter between the two characters and there were some lol moments.

Amanda Barritt It was a decent, quick read. Not my favorite by the duo. I struggle with the "jerk for lots of years that changes overnight" type stories.