by Devney Perry
  1. What was your first impression of Thea? Love her, hate her, feel like she dwelled on her past, feel like she is who she is because of it. Tell me your thoughts. – Misty D

  2. Let's talk about Logan. Did you have faith in him that he would stick around? Or did you think he was just trying to hit it with Thea? – Praise I

  3. Did you like the plot twist with the stalker? Do you think the story would have been better off without it? – Praise I

  4. In the beginning it was suggested that Hazel researched and led Logan back to town and to Thea. I’ll admit, I was a little unclear on how all of this happened but anyway, do you think Hazel was right to meddle like she did? – Cindi S

  5. Do you think Thea finding out the real reason she wasn't adopted and the director's evil scheme would have given her closure? Or change her mind about New York? – Praise I

  6. Charlie’s paternity was never a question for Logan. What was it about Thea that made him trust her so deeply? – Cindi S

  7. What did you think of Logan’s family? – Kimberly W

  8. If Thea was your bartender, what drink would you order? – Kimberly W

  9. If your family was wealthy like Logan’s, would you work? – Kimberly W

  10. Did you like Jackson? Especially regarding his attitude towards Logan and the kiss scene. – Praise I

  11. Do you think it was ethical for Logan to hack Thea's email without her permission? – Misty D

  12. Who did you initially suspect to be Thea’s stalker? – Cindi S

  13. Do you think Thea made the right decision to return to Montana and break up with Logan? Why? – Cindi S

  14. Was there a scene that really spoke to you? One that just gave you the feels? – Cindi S

  15. When Thea and Charlie went to Logan's parents for dinner do you think Charlie would have felt better not being forced to wear a dress? Would you have forced your tomboy to wear a dress just to conform? – Misty D

  16. How did you feel about Logan’s plan to have Thea & Charlie move to NY? Did you feel like he was pushing it to soon/hard? – Ashley R

  17. I found myself getting very frustrated at Logan for just assuming that Thea and Charlie would uproot their lives to be with him in NY. Do you think that was fair of him even after Thea told him she wasn’t moving back to the city? – Cindi S

  18. Who was your favorite character and why? – Cindi S

  19. What characteristics did you love about Logan? What did you hate? – Cindi S

  20. What was your overall star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – Cindi S


Truddy Cook Hoffmann I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 because I just love a surprise baby book. Add in the fact that there was a suspenseful sub plot and I was hooked. I also loved that it tied into the Jamison Valley series and gave Logan his story.

Olivia Rey 4 ⭐for me. The suspense lacked a little bit it was a great book overall. Will read more of this series...eventually!