Discussion Questions
The Couple Next Door  #discusscouple

  1. What were some of clues that helped you figure out what happened? Did you have any idea of what had truly been done? – Janette P

  2. Which characters, if any, do you sympathize with in the novel? Why? – Lori C

  3. Imagine yourself in Anne’s position—would you have left your infant at home while going next door for dinner? Do you believe Anne is a good mother? How do you define that? – Lori C

  4. How would you describe the character of Cynthia? What do you think of the respective relationships between Cynthia and Anne and Cynthia and Marco? – Lori C

  5. Anne’s husband Marco, while not actually bad, has huge character flaws. Do you think it's possible to hide such flaws from your wife/spouse? – Lori C

  6. What do you make of Detective Rasbach? What sorts of prior experiences might have shaped his perceptions and preconceived notions about the Contis? – Lori C

  7. At one point, Anne thinks that she killed her own child. Why? Do you believe she’s capable of that? – Lori C

  8. Why does Anne stay with Marco, even after everything she’s learned? Would you? Is it possible to build trust again after that type of betrayal? – Lori C

  9. What do you think of Graham and Cynthia's secret, that they record Cynthia seducing other men? – Brittney Z

  10. What do you think the title of the book is implying?  Which couple next door are they talking about?  Dee M

  11. With my local bookclub, we try to theme out meetings (like for Law of
    Moses we had a paint night, and for Elin Hilderbrand we had a beach day), or serve food or cocktails that may be relevant (like the Orphan keeper was based in India so we made Indian food, and LLTW I made cupcakes with whisky frosting and whiskey praline pecans. Can you think of a fun pairing for this book, maybe an appetizer? A funky drink? That would well represent this book? – Lori C

  12. Alice had a P.I. on her husband, you would think the P.I would have seen Richard with the kidnapper and then seen in the paper that he was killed. He should have been able to put 2&2 together? – Dee M

  13. The suspense genre is often considered the hardest to write in. It’s challenging to keep readers at the edge of their seat, but not drag out the twist so long that they get antsy or feel manipulated. Do you think the author did a good job of setting the right pace for the plot to move along? – Lori C

  14. I felt the characters in the book were not cardboard cut outs, but three dimensional people. I could easily relate to the character whose point of view the story was being told from, and I think the author did a great job of alternating back and forth. Did you find yourself flip flopping back and forth between Anne and Marco, siding with one, then the other? Who do you find yourself siding with? – Lori C

  15. What are your thoughts on how the press hounded Anne and Marco, camping outside their door and assaulting them with questions? Do you think these kinds of media circuses are helpful to an investigation? – Lori C

  16. The whole motivation behind the multiple layers of the kidnapping scheme was money. Who do you feel had the most to gain? Who had the most to lose? – Nicole K

  17. What do you make of what transpires in the last few pages of the novel? Did you find it believable? What do you think will become of Anne in its aftermath? – Lori C

  18. Do you feel that each character received his or her due at the end of the book? – Lori C

  19. If you were to write an epilogue for The Couple Next Door, what would you write about? – Cindi S

  20. What twist and turn surprised you the most? – Cindi S

  21. Who was your favorite character? Who was your least favorite character? Why? – Cindi S

  22. What overall rating do you give this book? Love it? Hate it?Cindi S