Discussion Questions
The Deal  #discussthedeal

  1. What was your first impression of Garrett? – Britt B

  2. Since everyone obviously felt that Garrett was arrogant in the beginning, at what point did you fall in love with him? – Laurie S

  3. Thinking about it, there are a lot of side characters in this book.Which of them did you like the most – and why? – Britt B

  4. Did anyone see Garrett’s dad being such a mean person?I hated him and what he did to Garrett and his mother. – Laurie S

  5. Let’s talk about Hannah.What characteristics did you like, maybe dislike? – Britt B

  6. There was so much I loved about this book.While the plot was heavy with topics of abuse and rape, it was still a feel good book and there were so many times I just laughed out loud. What was your favorite laugh out loud moment? – Lori C

  7. So thoughts on Justin…the football heartthrob Hannah wanted originally? – Sue S

  8. At the beginning of the book, Hannah was only interested in Justin, and really wanted nothing to do with Garrett.What quality do you think drew her to him as more than just a tudor? – Laurie S

  9. Which scene (s) had your heart aching the most? – Britt B

  10. How did you feel about Hannah asking Garrett to help her heal from the rape?Do you think they should have waited to have sex until they knew what their relationship was?Do you agree with how they proceeded in this respect? – Cindi S

  11. The Deal has two covers in the US.1.The bare chest , 2.The girl on the bed.The first is the original one.The second was originally made by the Danish publisher for the Danish edition…different covers attract different readers.So just for fun, which cover do you love most? – Britt B

  12. What did you think when Garrett warned all the guys on campus to stay away from Hannah? – Amanda B

  13. If you were Hannah, would you have eventually fallen for Garrett?By the end of the book, my heart was his! – Laurie S

  14. I loved when Hannah cooked for Garrett and his roommates’ dinner, for some reason it was one of my favorite parts of the book.What was yours? – Laurie S

  15. If you were given Garrett’s dad’s ultimatum to dump or allow him to lose all funding, would you do the same as Hannah? – Harmony R

  16. Did Hannah make a good decision when she agreed to the deal?Would you have given in to Garrett? – Cindi S

  17. What did you love about this book?What did you hate?What is your star rating? – Cindi S